Are youtube ads/website ads still profitable?

by ermic
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Hi all,

I'm thinking of making a video tutorial series on something I am very good at. Right now I'm torn between making youtube videos, having a website to put them on, and also having ads on the website OR making a paid membership site and having people pay a monthly fee to access. With a membership site I could also make a web app and make it available on iOS/Andriod.

Obviously if I make it free then it will get much more exposure than if I lock it down, but will it make anything? on the other hand I could sell my courses for $25 per month, 1000 members = $25,000 per month, but if no one knows about it then no one will pay anything.

What do you recommend? It's worth noting that my tutorial series has nothing to do with making money online, it's more like a learn to play the guitar kind of series, but in a much less crowded market.

Thanks for your help/feedback
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    The way you're asking shows you're overwhelmed by these options for marketing.
    First, relax.
    Second, set your goals.
    Third, do customer research. Then you can decide what to do.
    Hope it helps
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    If a particular person runs a targeted ad (period), and his target market largely responds to a free offer.... then i'm going to try out the technique too - regardless of the medium.
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