Simple But Effective Strategy to Boost your Social Media Presence and Get More Leads.

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Using a simple tool.


It's made for using "recipe": they call it the automations which allows you to post something in one of your social account and this can be reposted automatically in the others, also blogger, wordpress, etc.

You have nothing to download, only connect.

The Strategy is:

You connect your instagram, pinterest, blogger, facebook page, twitter and flickr to the IFTT.

Then you set that when you post something on instagram, it will be copied to pinterest, twitter, blogger, facebook page and flickr...'s DIFFERENT from the option you have in instagram app. Cause they copy it with Caption and Hashtags.

This will be double or triple the audience, expecially on pinterest.

How do you find the hot good pics to post on instagram that may get viral?

I will be cover it in another thread. stay tuned
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