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I bought amazon stream store and can't make head or tail of the tutorials; can anyone point me in the right direction to install it on my wix site ?
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    hey, his english is pretty poor but if you follow them through the right order (and pause and rewind and play again a lot) they work out alright. You've got to install it under Wordpress on your own hosted site via Hostgator etc. I don't know how Wix works but if it's not a Wordpress site that you have Admin access to it won't work. Have you tried emailing Ariel the seller/developer? cheers, jules
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    I had never heard of this store plugin before - the sales page isn't very clear but reading through it I am positive that this is a Wordpress plugin and theme (this is almost assumed these days, which is why it doesn't say it very clearly).

    You can't just install it anywhere, certainly not on Wix, you need to have a self-hosted Wordpress site - i.e. get at least shared hosting (Hostgator, Bluehost etc. - not recommendations, just examples) and choose a domain, then install Wordpress and then the plugin.

    If you feel out of your depth doing that then you should probably just ask for a refund and say the plugin didn't suit your needs, it's sold through JVZoo so this shouldn't be a problem.

    Who says you can't earn money as an eBay affiliate any more? My stats say otherwise

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    just an update. i'd only installed it for a trial and had no problems..... but if you do you're f____d as this guy Ariel can't spell the word customer service, doesn't answer emails anymore (i've sent him 3 over the past 5 days to 2 different sites) and will not give refunds. jvzoo run away too using the zuckerberg excuse, "we're only the platform", and tell you to deal with the vendor, which contravenes consumer protection laws in civilised countries. it does't work on the uk store evidently and he can't make it do so, according to another w.f. user. maybe you could use a proxy to generate a key using a uk ip address via amazon uk? it was a brilliant idea poorly executed and followed up even more poorly. such a bloody shame.
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