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Guys, if you're trying to brand a site, would you put your domain name in your logo for additional visibility or have the logo with the name without the extension?
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    Less is more for modern logo design. The trend has taken us away from intricate design to simple typography or imagery that communicates the brand message. The domain name is still used, however, but generally in conjunction with the logo on your branding creatives. So, for instance, if you have a video intro', you splash-up your logo followed by your domain name. Likewise, on a Facebook Page cover, say, your domain name would be integrated into the design, but distinct from your logo.



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    It really depends. Modern design says no, But I have found with some sites ; where competition is a super similar name it can help set you apart as it sticks in your head.
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    It would not be nice to put your domain name in a logo, however if the domain name is short, you can put it to try out different variations of your logo
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    That would not be a professional look. It's really not the logo's job to advertise stuff. It's supposed to be a simple, relevant and unique piece of imagery that a consumer can identify your brand with.

    In whatever context your logo will ever be used (websites, social media, business cards, product labels, etc.) there will always be a designated area for contact info like your URL, and it shouldn't be in the logo itself.
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    Like most things in this vein, this is nothing more than personal preference, but keep in mind that many people will tell you that their personal preference is unwritten law and everyone else doesn't have a clue about the topic and should be ignored at all costs. Ignore those people at all costs. :-)

    Such is the world we live in, both online and off.

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    Here's my take...

    If the company name and domain name are the same, such that someone sees "Google" and types in "google.com", leave it out.

    If the name of the company is the domain name, include it.

    If the domain name is something other than the company name, and not obvious, include it. If your company name is 'widgets, inc.' and your site is 'WorldsBestWidgets.com', for example.

    If the domain is unwieldy, like a lot of EMDs, don't put it in the logo itself, but include it in close enough proximity to make the association.

    All this assumes that we're talking about an image that identifies your company. If we're looking at just the symbol, like Nike's swoosh, then obviously leave it out of the actual logo design.
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    I would say include the domain name in the logo until your brand is a hit or made it, as your just starting from scratch and people have a hard time remembering things. Sadly people don't remember things unless they are in industries they know and care about. So for example Toyota advertises everywhere and about 80% of their customers aren't car people. But they know that Toyota just sponsored their beloved baseball game etc. So through association, they might consider Toyota not for the car but their perceived values. So they will end up buying a camry over the car guy who would buy the mazda 6. To get to that level you need a lot of capitol/money. Until then I advise everyone starting out to put the .com in logos, because people have so much in their face already or are not educated enough to see the value being offered.
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    I would say this is more of a personal choice, but it can help people remember your domain name better. I would place the domain name with the extension in a small font that will go with the logo. It also depends on the logo's design.

    Hope this helps!
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    If the entirety of a business is a website and you are marketing it, it's pinnacle to have the domain name AS the logo.

    It shouldn't be treated like a tag line or an accessory only for certain applications.

    The logo should naturally feature the company name and the domain extension at the end. Forget all else i.e www, http etc.

    Placing a .com at the end of the text (or even above at the end) should not marr aesthetics provided the design is executed sensibly.

    There is a huge difference between established brands that employ a logo solely as an identity and a small business owner wishing to utilise a logo to drive traffic to a website.
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    Originally Posted by passiveincomebiz View Post

    Guys, if you're trying to brand a site, would you put your domain name in your logo for additional visibility or have the logo with the name without the extension?
    I would put the domain name with the extension in the logo. You're trying to brand the site right? You might as well include your domain in the logo so people can instantly recognize it (you) - especially if it becomes wildly successful in your niche.

    Either way it goes... a domain name in a website logo is not going to make or break the success of the site. It's all about the marketing.
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    Appreciate all the responses. Keep 'em coming
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    You can, of course, place a domain name in the logo, but it will make sense if you have an online store and you are ready to promote its brand.
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    Personal opinion only (no testing done) ...

    Whether to include the domain name in the logo or not depends - here are some things to think about -
    1. How well the logo designer can implement the name into the design so that it is readable and looks great - even at very small sizes
    2. How well the name reinforces the message of the logo (if they don't work well together, don't put them in the same image)
    3. A really long domain name is going to be very hard to include and probably shouldn't be used in the logo
    4. If the logo is a written word or phrase and the domain is the same plus it is a dot com, adding the extension probably isn't necessary
    5. Simple, easily understood, no confusion about the message, plus unique are all positives, IMO
    6. There are no hard and fast rules for design. In fact, some very nice and memorable designs go against what some would consider "standard" principles
    Professional designers can open up the possibilities for you.

    The best to you,


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    Your logo should have your company's name with out the . Com and inturn you should have the domain be your company's name with just a . Com added to it.
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    It really depends on many factors. If the domain name is short and catching, sometimes it makes sense to place it in the logo. Although, I would better make a kind of icon or sign and promote brand along with the logo to make people remember it.
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    I prefer to put the name on the logo and the domain in the slugan.
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