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How is it that Google Analytics is counting my page views as two's instead of one. For example, a person visit's my website and they counted it as two page views, but jetpack counts it as one. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    Check your analytics code placement. Maybe you have placed it in wrong place of your website or you have place same code twice.
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    The fact that Jetpack is counting one and Google Analytics counts two, is a strong symptom that G.A. is misconfigured.

    Either you pasted the G.A. code twice, or perhaps something went wrong while moving to a new implementation of G.A.

    The chrome extension "Google Tag Assistant" can help you find errors on your page, such as when both the classic Google Analytics and Universal Analytics send signals to the same Google analytics property. Try installing this extension and testing your page.

    You can also leave it that way just to feel like you have twice the results, just to keep up the moral in your Internet Marketing War against that dreaded 9-5 nightmare :-D
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    I Think due to Double Tracking.

    if you have it on the page more than once then you're going to get what we call Double Tracking, that is every time the page loads, it'll fire two pageviews. Often this is caused by adding new updated code to the page, but not removing the older legacy code.
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    Sounds like a double tracking issue. Did you include your Google Analytics code twice or something?
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