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Confused about the various options on how to deliver your free lead magnets that are downloadable to people who optin for it or don't have to optin either.

Have a few things I confused and concerned about !!!!

1) What are your thoughts on the following ways to deliver your downloadable content Tanya delivers her free downloadable reports to me via Amazon S3, she recommends Dropbox, i can place my content for downloaad also on my own webhosting servers on hostgator for now i need a immediate solution to deliver my free downloadable content

2) Also .... in the future in several months I will be creating a private members site only using some membership software ( not sure which membeship software to use yet any suggestions ) to place possibly downloadable free lead magnets inside for people who become free members of my membership site, also offer free training courses for my team partners to access only, and info products I will be selling . ((((( My Concern is what is the best way to make sure that the content inside of this membership site is protected and not stolen for abuse and distribution, is it to use amazon s3, use my webhosting company called HOSTGATOR says it is just as secure as amazon S3 and cheaper option just want some feedback from others who have experience with securing their content ))))
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    Dropbox should be good for free reports.

    If you use Aweber once your recipient has signed up they will receive emails from you whenever you want them to be sent from immediately, to one, two day intervals etc.

    Have a look at Aweber and you will see the options they can provide you with.

    Hope this helps.
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    Two free methods though with limited storage space are Dropbox and Google drive.
    If your files exceed your available limits then can either go for their paid service or other paid services that you've already mentioned (Amazon s3)
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    You can use any good file host and protect the zipped files with a password.

    I usually use mediafire for freebies and shared courses.
    300$ every month, for free. Just leave your computer turned on running, after installing some free software. Message me for info.
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    If you have a WordPress blog, you could upload your lead magnet their and grab the link for people to download. There is some places online you can host PDFs and other files for people to download too. Just search for them in Google.
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    lots of options here ,windows drive,google drive,dropbox,4shared ,yahoo etc
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    Yes, don't lose sleep over this one . . .

    There are tons of good and cheap ways to secure your downloads. Just compare features for the price and choose one. Amazon is good, but so are many others. Pick one and run with it.


    Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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    two really good methods I use to deliver free content is via FTP, like filezilla, but the best option in my opinion is to deliver your free content via your email list. This does one really important thing:

    You immediately begin to condition your subscriber to open your emails and read them because there is valuable content on the inside. I usually have them opt-in, then after optin take them to a thank you page where you thank them and tell them that their free gift has been delivered to them via your autoresponder, and to check their mail.

    Hope this helps you out!
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