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Hello Warriors!

I need some advice. I have an Idea to make a 500$ budget ad campaign on Facebook, of an offer that has 15$ payout per sale and a 5$ EPC in Peru. My plan is to make it run only in Peru. I have to mention that this is my first ad campaign ever. I have never paid for advertising before, so I would like to get some professional opinions, if you think this is a good idea or not. (with that EPC, for me it seems like it's a good one) E-mail marketing is not allowed on this offer, only Banners, Social, PPV/CPV and Contexual marketing. Is there a better option out there?
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    before you spend any money on a campaign it might be a good idea to try and get some free traffic to your offer first to see if it is a profitable product worth promoting.

    You could join Facebook groups that are associated with your offer and see how much interest there is in it.

    If you do pay for Facebook ads you can start with $5 a day which is the best option.

    If you pay for ads yes - target just Peru as it will probably do a lot better there and it should be cheaper to advertise there.

    Hope you do well.
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    I would agree with Ged3, if possible, I would suggest driving free FB traffic first, say with FB groups or your friends.

    But if you are intent on doing FB ads, one thing I would say is make sure to use your retargeting pixel on your landing page, this way you make much more efficient use of your ad budget. Your traffic may not take action upon first contact with you, but if you use your retargeting pixel you'll be able to follow up with them on a much more personal level
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