How to market online a hair growing formula?

by hooty
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My friend and I have used a traditional herbal mixture (formulated by a local Chinese physician) and it has helped both of us grow back our bald patch over a period of 6 months.

We are have discussed with the physician into letting us market his hair growing formula for a fee.

We have thought of using Youtube to show our progress and then add a link to the product page.

But what else can we do?

Appreciate all kinds of suggestions. Thanks!
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    Put good looking men or women there. Add some humor too.
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    I'd definitely be running Facebook ads for that!
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    Where can I get it?
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    Agree with Dave!! I'd be running FB ads for that, you'll definitely find your target audience there
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    How much are you planning on charging? What do you get for this price? Who's your target audience?

    It's hard to give advice without knowing this and other key pieces of information.
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      Originally Posted by ChrisBa View Post

      How much are you planning on charging? What do you get for this price? Who's your target audience?

      It's hard to give advice without knowing this and other key pieces of information.
      Chris is 100% right plus I will ad you need to check the laws of the countries you want to promote in as they are all different , you would be better off going to a lawyer on this so you don't get yourself in trouble not sure if you have heard the term "Snake Oil "

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  • Make a website. Blog about it. Create a separate page for affiliates to promote your product as well. Then of course combine your marketing with different platforms such as paid ads, social media, and SEO.
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    You can run ads on social media for that. And if you need help with creating those ads, there's great workers that you can find at Onlinejobs. Also, I might have my brother try that hair growing formula so get going and run those ads!
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    Pay him off for the private label rights to his formula.

    Tell me, is it a product like Rogaine where it only targets hair growth on the back "sculpt" of the head - or.... does it help to regrow a receding hairline?

    Marketing wise the decision is easy. You're not selling a formula, you're selling a dream. Market it as if you were marketing information.

    Do ADwords, Bing, Facebook... lead generation advertising, tell subscribers why their bald or have ugly hair, and how your formula can solve it. When you should them how you formula can solve it, introduce your Youtube videos you mentioned so they can see how this thing really works. Good luck man.
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    If you advertise something like this without credible data to back it up, most people (myself included) are just going to look at it as more snake oil. There's just too many bogus hair loss products out there, and most of us balding men already know that minoxidil and finasteride are the only clinically proven treatments at the moment. If this stuff really works, you need to demonstrate it and you need social proof.

    I'd reach out to some balding influencers on social media and ask to have them do a 6-month trial of it. If they regrow their hair before their audience's eyes, there's your social proof, and it'll probably start a viral buzz.
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    Send me some, and if hair grows on my 50+ year old bald head - I'll send you plenty of pics for your marketing!!
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    Make some video and upload youtube
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    Instagram ads are a perfect option for your product, I guess.
    Plus, consider using influencer marketing, find them by yourself or use an appropriate service
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    Sell your product online with the help of e-commerce site, Also you can do ad campaign in social media platform to get more business and profit.
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    If it works on Baronet, I'll take a case ..... cause I need it too!
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    Utilize the power of social media. Social media marketing or influencer marketing can really help you out in this one.

    Cearion Uy - Marketing Advisor

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  • With videos, there's virtually no limit to what you can do.

    You can interview other people who had success with it and do an interview/testimonial

    You can interview the doctor who created it.

    You can do an instruction video on how to use it correctly

    An explanation video on how it works

    A video on how to care for your new hair growth, or what lifestyle changes you can make to help speed up the results.
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    you can use FB, Twitter paid ads and PPC advertising for that. These are the methods that can give you desired results within a limited time period.
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