[HELP NEEDED] cannot stop traffic on revcontent

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hello nativer marketers
this is wade, testing nutra offers with revcontent.
i noticed that after i manually paused the campaign, the traffic is still coming in.
i have already reported this thing to my rep and got reply saying they have some widgets will keep sending traffic 24 hrs without stop so traffic may take up to 24 hrs to fully pause this is really frustrating and cost.
i have been wasted of over $1000 on such campaigns and widgets.
and seems no way out form their end.
just want to see if there are other revcontent marketers facing the same situation or am i the only one?
if any, could you pls share your methods or thoughts?
otherwise i have to stop working with revcontent.
thanks in advance
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  • Well, like you said... you might have to stop working for revcontent. Has this ever happened before? How significant of a loss is $1000 to you in your business?
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      no it happens recently they have some updates on their system
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  • I have never used their system, but when it comes to online subscriptions I always keep my guard up. Put $5 on a temporary debit card, and switch out what ever payment method you have on file with that card. They may not respect you when you tell them to stop taking your money, but when the card runs out that will be the end of their BS. Ive saved myself a lot of grief with those disposable cards, all over the place.
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