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I now have traffic coming to one of my youtube videos posted years ago of a Art Williams speech, I have a domain link in the description. This has no website but redirects to a click bank offer on making money at home. The video gets over 200 views a day and about 10 clicks on the link. I have had no affiliate sales in the 2 weeks since putting the domain link on video. Can any one suggest a better way of making money with this link (squeeze page, list building , alternative offer etc,)
I would appreciate the help.
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    Basically what you said in the brackets! Build an email list from the traffic that you're getting and build trust and a relationship with them until you genuinely have something to sell that will help them. Don't sell for the sake of selling.
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    Sounds like you got about 140 clicks on the link and no sales (assuming they are honest, that is). 140 clicks is not a whole lot to go by. I don't know what the course costs but generally speaking, the more expensive something is, the lower the conversion rate. And, of course, many people who are desperately wondering how to make money online are doing so because they do not have a job and do not have any money, so that also plays a major role in conversion rates - especially for some of the more expensive courses.

    Assuming an average 1% conversion rate (again, just a guess since I have no clue what the course costs), you should have made, perhaps, one sale in two weeks. As ChrisBa said, you are going to need a heck of a lot more traffic than that if you expect to make any kind of decent money.
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    I highly suggest you to start capturing leads from this traffic. That way you will have an email list to send offers to anytime you want to.

    What I would do, if I was you, I would try different lead magnets, I would try my best to analyze the type of traffic this is and work with it so I can start getting a few new subscribers every day. As you are building this list, you should Survey the people and learn more about their goals and what they are interested in. Once you have more data, then you can go ahead and find the right offers for them. This is smart internet marketing.

    Do this and see how it goes!

    Let us know how it plans out with time!
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    Squeeze page and list building. Get endless leads for life man - lower that cost of advertising when you expand and start advertising. But take your time and work those leads that convert from the 200 hits per day.
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