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I wonder if anyone out there can help ... My needs are simple. I want to use Scrapebox, if possible, to filter specific pages and groups on Facebook, and collect the results.

What I mean is, suppose I want to filter basketball fanpages on Facebook. Can I use Scrapebox to bring back a large number of pages devoted to basketball, along with the number of likes the page has and the number of followers the page has? That's all I want.

And with Facebook groups, all I want is to filter by a specific topic and filter the number of group members and perhaps the number of posts in the last 30 days, or something like that. Can that be done with Scrapebox, and if so, how? And if Scrapebox isn't the best tool for doing something like this, what is?

Sorry if this sounds a bit naive, but any help would be appreciated!
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    Scrapebox has quite a large youtube channel, you might want to start there.

    also, you would probably be better served contacting their support


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