B2B Prospecting Tool, What Industries Would Benefit From This?

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Hello! New Warrior here!
I have a question for you on a tool I have been using.

To start, I'd like to give you a background on how this all came about.

I am in a B2B position where I am completely responsible for producing my own leads.

Initially, I was cold calling, door knocking, and working hard on my referral network.

This was taking up much of my time, I spent hours each day prospecting. Some days were fruitful, other days I came up dry.

After some critical thinking, I knew there was a better way to get in front of my ideal prospect.

Work smarter, not harder, right?

I really wanted to put myself in my prospects shoes.

Where were they hanging out, that I could easily access?

Social media, of course! I felt like the lightbulb turned on above my head.

Now, I knew that not all social media platforms were created equal.

I looked into Facebook and Instagram marketing, and realized that this was not where my ideal prospects were spending their time. And if they were spending their time on these platforms, it wasn't always geared towards business.

There was one platform, that I discovered to be an absolute GOLD MINE for B2B prospecting.

If you haven't guessed it yet, I'm talking about LinkedIn.

Prospecting on LinkedIn is very viable to what I do, for multiple reasons.

Almost HALF of all LinkedIn users have an income over $75,000. So affordability is not as much of an issue compared to FB.

People are there for three main reasons:

-To network

-To grow their business

-To DO business

I looked into LinkedIn Ads, but was steered away due to how expensive ad spend would be.

I wanted to reach out directly to my ideal prospects, surpass the gatekeepers, and only speak to the key decision makers.

There was only one issue: how could I reach out to my ideal prospects, on a large scale, and in a time efficient way.

This is when my agency stepped in. They created a proprietary service for their consultants to utilize.

I have used this service to organically reach out to thousands of my ideal prospects, message them individually, and follows up with them over time, without me having to lift a finger.

We utilize our in-house copywriters.
They craft out a sequence of messages to entice my prospects to reach out to me, and book an appointment.

Since this is not advertising, there is $0 in ad spend.

I simply set appointments with the people that are interested in my services, and I do not waste any time with the ones that are not interested. I am receiving 20-30 prospects each month, that reach out to me, and ask to set an appointment.

***This system is only available in-house currently. This post is not to promote this service, simply to ask for input and feedback on where it would be beneficial.

We have allowed some of our current partners to use this service, and it has helped them grow and connect with their prospects in the same way.

So far, our partners have used this system successfully in the following industries:

-Marketing Agencies

-Insurance Brokers


-Medical Device Sales Reps

-Pharmaceutical Sales Reps

-Merchant Services

-Sales Coaches

-3PL Brokers

After the feedback we have gathered from our current partners, as well as our personal success with this service, we are considering branching out and offering this to our partners in other industries.

I'd like to hear your feedback on a few things:

1. What B2B (or possibly B2C) industries do YOU feel like this service would be beneficial in?

2. What industries do you feel this would NOT be beneficial in?

3. This service is managed by a team. They craft out the ad copy, research target demographics, optimize the profile, and manage the system around the clock. Would this type of service abide by the guidelines for a WSO, if we decided to offer that in the future?

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts!

(I apologize, I recently attempted to post this incorrectly in "Growth Hacking".)
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    Having had a successful B2B website for many years I can offer you two areas that can be considered as possibilities:


    Manufacturers need customers as do Wholesalers.

    I recall something that an old, now departed, marketing friend and mentor, Jim Straw, once said (may not be the exact wording) "remember that every company that is a seller of a product is also a buyer".

    A manufacturer of an item needs the raw materials or parts to build their item, thus they are a B2B prospect for those parts or materials.

    Wholesalers of a specific type of product can be prospects for similar lines of products and wholesalers also need leads to sell their products to.


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      I like where your head is at.
      We do work with some wholesalers currently, so we will run it by them to see if it would be beneficial to their model. We may reach out to certain manufacturers as well.

      If any other business models come to mind, please feel free to PM me.

      Thank you for your input!
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    Looking to to generate leads, for merchant services, and small opportunities. please reach out
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      Originally Posted by sekuremerchants View Post

      Looking to to generate leads, for merchant services, and small opportunities. please reach out
      We have had multiple inquiries for Merchant Services, so this is a field we are interested in delving into.
      Please reach out to Dawson@neverpeakmedia.com so we can chat further
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