What Would You Do?

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What Would You Do....

If you had a potentially big idea in the IM niche for a product that involves extensive programming (PHP and Java), which you know nothing about, and the bigger issue you figure it will cost around $5K to realistically launch the product, and you have no money (since you lost your management job a year ago, when your company got bought out), have no home equity, credit cards, etc.?

I am sure I’m not the first one who though he had the next big idea! Maybe my idea is worthless, but you can't really share an idea with anyone without a confidentially notice.

Just wondering, as I am fresh out of ideas.

Michael Forey
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    1. Get a job.

    2. Learn about needed technologies or how to outsource safely.

    3. Get project done and tested.

    4. Launch project.

    5. If succeed, quit job. If fail, tweak and try again.

    Simple enough?


    PS Your mileage may vary. Not every step is listed and steps may vary based on unknown variables.
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      Originally Posted by Michael Chris View Post

      1. Get a job.

      2. Learn about needed technologies or how to outsource safely.

      3. Get project done and tested.

      4. Launch project.

      5. If succeed, quit job. If fail, tweak and try again.
      You may want to modify these steps:

      1. Make a website around the subject
      2. Create a bit of content around your planned product
      3. Get people to your site - from this forum is an ideal place
      4. Talk to them and find out how successful your idea might be
      5. Once you have a pretty clear vision that your product could be a killer - make your website bigger - add more content, freebies, videos etc. In other words - prepare your subscribers for the product's launch and when you have a few hundred people begging you to give them the product - you'll be 100% more confident than now.
      6. Get money, get the product done and launch it.
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    First of all, double your estimate for what it's going to cost to bring to market, since there are always extra costs you'll incur...

    If this is financially unfeasible for you, find a job - any job - until you're a little bit more stable. Great ideas fail all the time, so don't make internet marketing your only way out.

    But if you're 100% set on it, try to find an established marketer in a related field and discuss possible JV/profit sharing opportunities. You might find someone willing to invest in your idea if it's good enough. Just be sure to protect yourself with NDAs & confidentiality agreements.
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    im a web developer if you need help let me know, i can just take a cut out of the commissions?
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    Save up and pay cash. You don't want to spend the next 2 years making monthly payments on a dud.
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    Partner up with some folks from the forum that may take sweat equity in your product based on contibution to the project. If it doesn't fly nobody wins or loses big. 60% of something is better 100% of nothing.

    Much success to you.
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