Can I Get Some PLR Recommendations?

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Can anyone point me to a thread(s) for good PLR recommendations?

I had one but I was a few years old.

Also, are there any Crypto PLR's out there?

Thanks in advance.

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    Charles Harper has this:

    [PLR] Scale Your Business With Bitcoin | PLR Experts

    Two people I always recommend for PLR are Tiffany Lambert and Alice Seba. But I don't think they have any crypto products.

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    PLR worst of time,search engine treat plr as copy paste content
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      Originally Posted by steemseo View Post

      PLR worst of time,search engine treat plr as copy paste content
      Not if it is used correctly.


      A bar of iron cost $5. Made into horseshoes, it's worth $12. Made into needles, it's worth $3500. Made into balance springs for watches, it's worth $300,000. Your value is determined by what you are able to make of yourself

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    When I want to use PLR I search on warrior plus best seller if they offer new PLR stuff because it always be fresh and up to date.

    Most of famous PLR providers has out of date stuff or even out of date sales pages, and these pages doesn't convert even if you offer it for free.
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    IDPLR.COM best site for great PLR'S every week.

    I am sure u will get plenty of PLR'S there.

    I can see a crypto PLR there.
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    What will you be using it for?

    PLR is great for email-based marketing

    However, if you're going to be publishing these materials on a site, you might suffer from visibility issues unless you're going to be getting traffic from social media.

    In that case, it would help if you format these materials carefully.

    Want To Make More Money Online? Invest in BETTER CONTENT!
    Articles - Blogs - Authority sites - Ecommerce descriptions - Emails - Youtube video scripts - AFFORDABLE RATES!
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    For Crypto PLR have a look on YouTube for reviews.

    Varied quality no doubt but it may point you in the right direction.
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    I can say from my own experience that regarding PLR products inDigitalWorks has the best and the most frequently updated selection.
    I have tried multiple online PLR membership sites but most of them didn't really give new content often, most of it got obsolete over time.
    Recently, inDigitalWorks started to publish a new product every week, which I find amazing.
    They also have the best bonuses. For instance, I got free 10GB of hosting and a Wordpress plugin for Landing page creation for free.

    Big recommendation!

    I have been working with PLR products for some time now and if anyone is interested in how you can make money with PLR or if you need help with finding the right PLR products, I am happy to help!
    Just PM me or reply to this comment.

    Cheers, Matt.
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