My Personal Top 5 Discussions from Last Week

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Hey Warriors, here's my own little, "segment", where I find my own favorite threads here on the forum and there's a quite a bit to pick from but here's five of them.

There's a lot of threads that come into the forum and there are great discussions and not so great ones. Here's five of them that I enjoyed reading through and learned a lot from.

1. Launched a digital product and have built a cool brand - best ways to increase traffic/conversions?
What I like about this is that, this Warrior laid everything down to give other Warriors a good picture of their current position, like what product is, what have they done up to this point and what direction do they want to take this to. The responses in this thread are great too! Which not only helps kromeo, but other users who have a similar kind of situation as well. It was really nice to read and heck, I learned a lot myself.

2. Wordpress Squeeze Page Options???
1Bryan was looking for options for a great squeeze page that's got less clutter and easy to customize. I know this isn't a "new" inquiry and was probably asked way back in the past, but it's on my list (and something I'd bookmark too). You have a great suggestion from Steve B that's well worth keeping along with follow up information that provides great instructions. I learned something new for Wordpress!

3. Informational product creation. How would you...
If you're going to target this kinds of products this thread has a lot of great advice on how to make a really good info product. There's a lot to learn, a lot of advice on how to find the right questions and improve them before you start laying out the actual process.

Won't even forget that I like seeing how the OP does respond to people's suggestions and then give them more information which opens up more windows for him as other Warriors are able to provide more insight.

4. Still no sales. Getting traffic, spending money on google adwords and fb ads.
There's a lot of great insight in this thread that would be great advice for anyone really. Internet Marketing isn't easy and there's so much that factors in that may dictate the success and failure of your product or service. SARubin, DABK and dave_hermansen lay it all out for you here. Great insight on what you need and what you need to do and establish in order to get yourself back in the right direction.

5. How did you earn your first client?
Here's another thread I'm bound to bookmark with all the great insights from our senior Warrior Members. It's something I need to learn as well when I start to dabble into my own services or products (so far all ideas still). This one's a great read for anyone who's just starting, whether you've already began doing something or you're thinking about what you want to do or have the faintest desire to get into digital marketing or offering your services online.
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