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Hey i'm in a few college student groupme groups which is a mobile chat apps, some groups have 500-4,000 members, most students are unemployed and looking for ways to make extra money. Many college students love to promote things very cheaply like $25 week cheap. One of the group owners made me admin of the group, its a work at home group.

My plan is to use an old domain I had sitting around for over a year to educate them on things like writing articles for textbroker, iwriter and also affiliate marketing. Im going to create a short guide how i made money writing articles online and how they can scale that up as my lead magnet. I also will promote cpa offers to the email list

I wanted to know what blog theme should i use for something like this? I don't really want to spend over $50 for the blog setup. I was thinking about checking out fiverr gigs but most are overcharging and I dont really know exactly what I need?

Any tips or advice on how i can get this blog rocking. Thanks
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