Is there any way to capture potential clients? If so, How?

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Is creating informational videos to capture potential clients early as an inbound marketing strategy is worth the time and effort? Or spending the money straight out in advertising will provide more bang for the buck?
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    There are a lot of way my friend.

    Both free and paid. If you want paid method, using Bing ads

    If you want free way, using Facebook.

    Or instagram. But Facebook is faster to get free traffic from
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    Yes, there are a lot of paid and non-paid methods.

    For example: you can start networking on Social networks for free but it is a lot time consuming and requires good skills in order to build community of fans and followers and convert those who may dislike your brand into people who would recommend it.

    I would suggest you start with AdWords, Bing to win visitors to your page who are looking for your product/service. Also, Video Ads in Youtube and Facebook are a great way to attract and find your potential clients.

    Video is never a waste of time
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    Hey man !

    Yes, it's worth it (like a lot).

    If you've never taken any email address, please, do not do ads you'll waste money.
    Learn first to get email address with free tactics, then go to paid ads.

    It's worth to have an email list, like big time (that's how I make my living anyway).

    If you have an email list of people who like you, it means that you can get money just by sending them emails.

    It's really valuable man. Do it if you're ready to invest the effort !
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    Videos are a great way to get leads providing they are high quality and contain a strong, clear CTA.
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    I am reading more and more that video is taking over text as the preferred form of content for people searching for information.

    Some predictions have it that MOST online content consumed will be video soon. If this is the case, then video would be the way to go.

    If your videos are hosted on YouTube, you still have the issue of getting traffic to them. I wouldn't want to put TOO much work into promoting my videos of YouTube. I'd still rather put the effort into promoting my own site.

    Any thoughts? Is text dead?
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    It's worth it. Both ads and this is worth it. Ads will work just fine, as long as you know how to target your market. But getting personal in your approach with your potential clients is a smart move -Micah
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