Optin Form: Left or Right?

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Has anyone here compared results of having the optin form on the left side of a page vs right?
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    Haven't actually ran a test on my own sites but I nearly always put it on the right, sometimes at the header but never on the left.

    They may exist but I see absolutley no one putting their form on the left. All the "big gurus" have there's on the right which must count for something.

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    I use a unblockable pop-up optin form on my blog that shows when the visitor is about the leave.It works really well.
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    We split test this all the time, and it varies from niche to niche and demographic to demographics..

    The ONLY way to know for sure which side is bets for YOU, is to test both sides and find the best results..

    Test, Test, Test

    My numbers/data are useless to you in your business...



    Bare Murkage.........

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  • From an intuitive point of view, it's better to place the optin on the right because our eyes read from left to right, and from up to down. So you catch their interest on the top/left part of your landing page, and you call them to action on the bottom/right part.

    I havent split-tested it though.
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    I always put the opt in form on the right, statistics show this to be the best place to put it anyway!

    Regardless of if it's on the right or left...it most certainly needs to be ABOVE THE FOLD!

    For FULL impact, the opt-in form needs to stand out and be noticed. Put the opt-in form into a box with a bold outline or eye-catching color will help, as will creating a graphic icon that the visitor will immediately see, like an image of your ezine or your special report or bonus ebook.
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    Its ideal to post the optin form on the right and teaser copy or video on the left. Make sure the optin form is above the fold. In NLP the time line from present to future runs from left to right so after they read the teaser they know the next step is on the right.

    Johnson's box was a new twist..but it didn't alter the structure of the sales letter. Same goes for squeeze pages show them what they are used to see.
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    Tests have shown that it works better on the right. That is where I have seen the majority of opt in boxes. Having said that opt in boxes when the person is leaving tends to be the 'new' way of doing it so i hear but I haven't tried it.
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    I have read something about optin plugin that says, most usually put it on the center. Well, it depends on the site. I guess.

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    Although I haven't tested it, I put mine on the right and above the fold.

    The reason being that many, but not all, people read from left to right so your eyes tend to scan from left to right on a page.

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