Affordable Premium Press Release Service

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This used to be a popular topic - eg a long thread, now closed on WF, from 2012 had lots of useful but now dated information.

Here's the thing: I have clients asking me to submit Press Releases to major networks (CBS, Fox, ABC, CNN etc) and while I could do this via the standard online services, this sort of thing costs >>$100 per release. I found someone who will do a premium release on people/hr and he charges $60 and this will fix my problem in the short term. The long term problem is that I'm strategically uncomfortable being so dependent on one individual.

So - getting to my question - how can I find a way to do the same thing myself so I don't have these dependencies? Is my supplier using submitter software and if so, which? Is he using some kind of covert submitter service?

Any thoughts or suggestions?
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