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Greetings Warriors!

Welcome to another week's edition of Top 5 WSOs where we give out quick and short reviews on some of the upcoming deals in the Marketplace right now. Here goes!

Disclaimer: All reviews made are solely based on my opinion and does not necessarily reflect the thoughts and insights of the Warrior Forum Team. This article does not in any way promote or advertise any of the WSOs
If you missed out on the previous articles - don't fret as I got you covered. Please refer to the following links if you want to backread.

Enjoy reading!

1. Rozzskis's Domain Names (March 2018)

If you're looking for a quick premade domain that has some serious search potential and bundled into a sweet package, look no further - this WSO has it. Priced at $79, This includes all fees and transfer to your Go Daddy account.

2. Msulcs's Reddit-Twitter Master Method (March 2018)

At $69, you get a thorough guide on how to monetize Reddit Traffic. While it sounds promising (no investment needed), it has some serious potential depending on the amount of work you put into it.

3. Dave's Crazy Litte Cash Machines (March 2018)

Neat presentation and a lot of info for potential buyers to chew on. Dave's product has a lot of potential and for folks who want to get some valud out of 10 bucks, this is worth checking out.

4. M Jay's Cpa Marketing Video Course (March 2018)

Albeit a simple salespage, M Jay cuts out the Bs and gets to the point on what his course is. If you're looking for an affordable CPA course, this is for you.

5. Chris's Crypto Investing Insider (January 2018)

Need info on Cryptocurrencies? You know it but don't know how to start? Then this is for you. Chris's guide is perfect for the newcomers who want to explore and exploit the insides of Cryptocurrencies.

Thanks and see you all next week!

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