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Hi warriors,it possible for someone to make money on YouTube without a website?
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    Pretty saturated but never to saturated with the right offer and content. I did my first clickbank review while I was in college and killed it out the gate. With so many reviews now it's not as easy imo unless you build a channel around a topic erectile dysfunction, heartburn, relationships, all of these can get you video views and subscribers. Throw in a review every few weeks and you should be good. Don't go for a strictly review channel to start.
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  • Yes it is. But if you product reviews you need both possitive and negative reviews to be trustworthy. Create a very niche channel and target a hungry audience and you could do very well.
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    Yes, if you have a topic or interest that you're passionate about and can talk a lot about then you can create a show where you talk about it, promote the video and then make money from the YouTube ads.
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    Yes, it's possible. The biggest factor that will determine your success is consistency.

    If you just put up one video, wait and say to yourself that no one is watching, you'll fail.

    However, if you are disciplined enough to work on your channel daily you'll slowly start seeing results.

    There's no guarantee it will take off but that's business. It's a risk, just make sure your risk is calculated.

    As you keep taking action, your skills will improve.
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