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There has been a lot of talk on which is better…submitting articles or submitting videos. In the end, I think it probably best to do both, but I thought I’d do a little test to check it out for myself…

I started by using Micro Niche Finder to flush out some keyword phrases in real estate. One phrase I came up with was “flat rate mls”. For those of you who know what the numbers mean from Micro Niche Finder this phrase has a 540 search…a 5060 exact phrase…and a 4 (green) SOC (strength of competition). According to the manual this should be a good phrase to use…

Next…I wrote an article and created a video and optimized both for that keyword phrase (or at least the best I know how).

I submitted the article to the following directories:

I submitted the video to
Google Video
Yahoo Video

What I want to see is which method gets listed in Google fastest, which methods gets listed the highest, and which method holds it’s ranking the best.

I did this yesterday and here are my results so far…

Within a couple of hours my Revver video was on page 1 of Google (#9 spot) and my Veoh video was on page 2 (#18 spot)

My ezinearticle has not been approved yet so I have to wait to see how that does…

As for everything else I submitted (both video and article)…they are nowhere to be found…yet

Conclusion…from this one test…If you want to get listed fast, video seems to be the way to go and of the video sites I submitted to it was Revver and Veoh that have performed the best, NOT YouTube, Google, or Yahoo...I have also noticed this with other videos I have submitted. Of course, I’m talking about Google search results only.

As for which method and which directory has the best “staying power”…I guess time will tell.

I’ll let you know how it goes.

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  • Hi Mate,

    Thanks for sharing the results
    from your test.

    The video sites are definately the
    ones to target to get listed fast
    because they dont need to be approved,
    unlike the article sites.

    The other thing that you sould test
    is how much traffic you get from
    each site.

    Because there is no point in doing
    it unless your actually generating
    traffic from them

    Best of luck!

    Michael Silvester
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      The video sites are definately the
      ones to target to get listed fast
      because they dont need to be approved,
      unlike the article sites.
      Yes...that's one of things I like about videos.

      Here are couple of other things I've noticed...
      1. It actually takes me less time to make a video than write an article. Granted I'm just using still photos from my wife's real estate listings, but it takes me less than 10 minutes.

      2. It seems easier to use keywords. Often times when doing keyword research I uncover great phrases but they are not grammatically correct. For example, I just found a great phrase (using Micro Niche Finder) "bradenton real estate florida". It's not that easy to write an article using this phrase...I guess it's the teacher in me...However, I have no problem using the phrase in my title and tags for my video.

      What I don't like about video...
      1. Some of the directories seem to have mind of their own. Google video has been a pain in the ass...It seems I have to submit several times before it works...Veoh also seems hit or miss...but both of them eventaully work...
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        I can confirm that. I have a viddler video on the front page of google for one of my searches - and the video was put up MONTHS ago.

        Youtube is tricky.

        I had a video test -

        I did a product video, had it up, and had the wrong price on it. I had loaded it to viddler and youtube at the same time.

        Well, the price changed, so I changed one slide and only reloaded the video up to viddler. Like I said, viddler is on the first page of the search. I just searched in 5 pages deep and no sign of youtube.

        Usually when you change or remove a video, you start the ranking all over again.

        Both sites had the same keywords added.

        I have another campaign where someone else submitted a youtube video before me with the same title. That video is still beating out my viddler submission - which they did not have. I'd be surprised if my viddler beats it eventually, but only time will tell.

        "May I have ten thousand marbles, please?"

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          You can also submit your articles to web 2.0 sites, niche related article sites, or even your blog and then Digg the article and you can get indexed and ranked extremelly fast.

          Frank Bruno
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            avenuegirl...thanks for the tip about Viddler...I had not heard of them. I submitted the same video and got it on page 2 of Google in about 10 minutes.

            Thanks Frank...I guess there are a lot of places to submit to. Then it just becomes a question of time and figuring out which ones are actually procducing. It would be great if there was a good video submission site...kind of like a SubmitYourArticle, but for videos. I've heard of a couple, but neither of them had good reviews on this forum.
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    The way to get traffic from the videos is to make videos that solve problems or answer a question just like you write articles. How do you get the to your site?

    EASY - Only give them part one of the video and make it so interesting or controversial that they MUST see part two at your site, which you not only have watermarked in your video but also have hyperlinked in the description.

    As for the articles vs. video debate, it shouldn't be a debate. Article marketing, video marketing, social networking and bookmarking are ALL necessary components of successful online marketing.

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    articles and videos both are nice way to get traffic..
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      yes I purpose wasn't to stop doing one or the other, but rather just to see which performs better in Google when optimized for the same exact keyword phrase.

      As I said in my original the end it is best to do both...
      The best Sarasota homes for sale!

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