I appreciate input - Match Making Site for Marriage - Not Dating - Western/Asian

by refrud
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I know i know, there are lots of posts already about this...

Hoping for fresh Ideas, Facebook hasn't been too good for this.

My wife is Filipina and I am Aussie. Plenty of friends always ask me to help them find a wife, one of her friends family etc and we have done it numerous time.

Bought a dating script and created a site... Its looking ok.

We have more girls, family joining in the Philippines than Aussie men though.

Targeting, Single (or divorced), middle aged Western Men is turning out a little difficult.

I know what your thinking, it shouldn't be too hard to find men when you have a site full of young beautiful women, but its true.. Maybe people think its fake.

Anyway, i appreciate input :-)

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  • What dating script are you using?

    Can I look at your site? You can pm me if you don't want to post it.

    The problem could be your branding. Hard to say without seeing it.
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    Hi refrud.

    I cover a few niches. I began covering dating (many niches) about two decades ago.

    Your problem: not enough men joining.

    I'd need more to go on to be truly helpful. These are some likely problems:

    1. Profiles look fake.
    2. Wrong domain.
    3. Paid memberships only (you need the free-then-upgrade structure).
    4. Slow-loading times.
    5. Weak sales copy.
    6. Limited/ no online reviews.
    7. Weak traffic targeting.
    8. High-resistance opt-in forms.
    9. Low membership counts.

    I could list several dozen others. It's very hard to pinpoint the issues (there will be several) with what I have to go on here, though I understand the need to keep it private.

    If you want my advice, I'd forget about getting men just now. Focus on the service. Getting the men is easy, paid or organic.



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    usually most site, it's the other way round
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      Originally Posted by n3o View Post

      usually most site, it's the other way round
      Usually people ignore 4 month old threads that the OP never returned to.

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    Originally Posted by refrud View Post

    Match Making Site for Marriage - Not Dating

    A most basic question . . .

    Could it be that men are put off and hesitant about joining a site that is focused on match making at the outset instead of dating?

    I mean, the whole idea of dating is so that you can see the possibilities, explore the options, learn about your partner, test compatibility, and give your affections time to grow into the next stage. Why skip all that in favor of having some random web site attempt to "match" you up for marriage having bypassed all the preliminaries?

    Match making sans dating sounds like a fast cruise down the River of No Return.


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