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by Joey15
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Hey guys,

I am looking to boost the rate at which my membership site growing.

I thought that making the membership open for affiliates to promote it would be a good way of doing this.

After doing a bit of research, I have come across the different ways that this can be done. For example, setting up an affiliate program directly on the site or using a third party like Clickbank.

A member on this forum commented on a thread suggesting that third parties like Clickbank are the best way to do this, as you get increased exposure and it requires less promotion.

Can anyone else provide any feedback on whether it is best to use third parties and if so, which ones are best (or can you use more than one at the same time)?

There is a lack of internet marketers in my circle, so thought it would be a good to reach out on here - thanks Warrior Forum!
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    Originally Posted by Joey15 View Post

    I thought that making the membership open for affiliates to promote it would be a good way of doing this.

    IMO, your first order of business is to answer the question: Why would an affiliate spend his/her time and money in promoting my membership site over all the other alternatives he/she has for making money?

    Regardless of where you go to look for affiliates, if you can't answer that question it won't matter at all.

    You didn't say what your membership site was about. Clickbank caters to certain niches and types of digital products. If yours is different than what CB typically sells, you probably won't have many people interested in promoting your site.

    IMO, one of the first strategies you should have is contacting authority sites in your niche - blogs, forums, directories, portals, etc. The owners of these sites already have the targeted traffic you're looking for and if your membership site is high value/high quality, they would be in a position to send you high-converting traffic as paid affiliates.


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    Thanks Steve, I really appreciate the feedback.

    The membership is for sports tips. I've noticed a lot of memberships like this on Clickbank, but these charge higher prices so they they can offer affiliates greater commissions. This is where it may be hard to attract affiliates.

    I can create an affiliate program directly on the site, so I will get this set up and then start networking with authority sites like you have suggested.

    Thanks again Steve, great points made
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    yes you can use clickbank to create a membership site, but you can also use amember software

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