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Hi guys,

About 6 months ago I closed all my sites, let my subscriptions run out and kinda
walked away from the IM game.

Well a few weeks ago I met a very interesting lady that had an interesting product.

She can get vacation packages for $7 each through her company, So I figured I would
help her get going on her business and build a small IM business on the side.

What im doing is giving away her $7 travel packages as prizes on my blog at
ISpyed . I am going to post a new I Spy game a few days a week
and if the visitor guesses what it is that I Spy then they get the travel voucher. I am also
providing her with new leads for people that yould like to own their own business like hers.

I am going to launch the site and start the first game on 9/30, but I want to build some
traffic and subscribers before the site launches.

So this is what I need help with...

Does the site look ok?

What do you think of the idea behind the site?

How can I make it (site, game, income) better?

Nice to be back BTW, I have missed you all over the last 6 months.
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