Affiliate marketing without a website - can it work?

by Val Wilson 13 replies

I'm a complete newbie to IM, & am trying to make some cash as an affiliate marketer. The main tool I'm trying is article marketing, with a link in the resource box direct to the sales page of whichever product I'm promoting. The link is not an obvious affiliate link - it's cloaked.

I am getting a reasonable number of views to my articles, and about 10% clickthrus, but absolutely NO sales.

Now I know that the real way to make affiliate sales is by sending visitors to my own pre sales website, & from here to the affiliate sales page. This is my plan, but it just takes time (and copyrighting skills!)

Surely sending visitors direct to the sales page in the meantime should get some results?

Any advice would be really appreciated.

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    You do no NEED a website, but it can help depending on what your marketing as an affiliate. Some affiliate marketing will do much better with a website. Some affiliate marketing you dont need any website at all! For what you're doing, it would probably be best to have a website.

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      It can work, and if you wait long enough, you will see results, but..

      The system is very slack, and you can lose the buyer along many stages of the sale.

      I would have a website, with a squeeze page, to gain the email adress, then you can present the opportunity several times.

      If you sell, or not you still have the email, and can then present more offers to your prospects.

      This method will produce many more sales.

      Pete Lauder
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        Why would you avoid having a website? If you want to be serious about the business you have to have a website. If you're not equipped to set one up.
        Outsource it via warrior forum or elance.
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    >>Affiliate marketing without a website - can it work?

    Yes.. you can buy really cheap clicks from google (like 0.01 - 0.06 cents) , and then send them to websites that have a good quality score. ie: walmart.

    still works great

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    It also depends on the services you are using. Try Article Marketer and feel the difference.
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    You don't need a website to start making money. Last year when money was tight I wrote product reviews (mostly for physical products) and put them on free blogger blogs and optimized them for conversion type keywords.

    It made me money (slowly) and I just invested that money back into my business so that I could afford my own website.
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    Yes it can work, but not really without a website.

    I agree you need not have a website, but if you are creating landing pages in Squidoo or something else, it is essentially a webpage.

    As you go up, its best to have authority blogs with quality content and reviews of products in a specific niche.
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    Yes, it can work. You can use squidoo, hubpages, slideshare, youtube, and a bunch of other content-sharing sites in promoting affiliate programs.

    Building your list is a good idea if you're going to follow up with them. But if you're promoting different affiliate programs on various topics, and you don't intend to email them constantly, then there's no need to get subscribers.
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    Just get a simple Blogger Blog and maybe some unique template to spice it up some. You can definitely just do it like that. Many are
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    Possible... but less inconvenient. If you want to create a presell squeeze page, then using wordpress or blogger will look very unprofessional
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    I still do affiliate marketing without a website and I do make sales too.
    All I do is register a cheap domain name. like .info one for less than $3.00
    for a year and redirect the domain to my affiliate link of the product I
    am promoting.

    EzineArticles let me put affiliate links in my resource box if it is a top
    level domain. So I do that, and that's it.

    It's easy, I don't need to create a website, no preselling and no
    copywriting skills required. I do realize that I could be building a list
    by just creating a simple squeeze page, but I feel in some niches,
    there just won't be any repeated sales.
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