How to best promote my digital catalog + is it possible to add a video to it?

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Hi, I have my own online clothing shop and to promote my shop a little better I created a digital catalog that displays my new cloths including current trends. I used one of the digital catalog software recommended in this article but besides only using pictures and text in my catalog I would love to also add a video to it. This way people will be able to see how my clothes will look like when they wear them.

Does anyone know if this is possible or do I need another tool for that? Also I would really appreciate it if someone has got any tips on how to best promote my catalog and shop!

Thanks in advance!
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    Hi Jeanne,

    Do you embed your videos on the detail pages of your online store?

    Are you hoping people will download your catalogue and then go back and order?

    Usually all of your product should be set up inside an ecommerce solution and there are many to choose from depending on what you want to do.

    In most of those solutions you have ways of embedding video throughout your site and on the detail pages of each product you are selling.

    As for promotion you can combine so many things to drive traffic to your store.

    Use all the usual social media sites and particularly the ones that are heavily geared towards images and frequented by your target audience.

    Pay for traffic via advertising.

    Find other partners to help promote your store.

    Those are a few to get started with.

    Best regards,

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      Thanks for your reply Ozi,

      I do want to embed the video into my online catalog. So basically I have my online shop and in addition to that, I do want to send out my digital catalog with the latest news that also includes a video.

      Well, I was either thinking of sending it out via email and/or embedding it on my online shop...

      Thanks for the other great tips!

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    Yes, you can easily create videos using fiverr which is a cheap marketplace for freelance professionals. Use at your own risk but asking for a video is pretty straightforward since samples are easily viewable.
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      Thanks for the tip of using fiverr to create a nice video - but I am also wondering is if I can, later on, embed this video into my digital catalog.
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    Yes, Video will add more value in your catalog, you can try video making software like videoscribe but I would suggest to outsource from professionals. And to promote your digital catalog you can try social sites and email marketing.
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      Nice tips thanks! Hope my readers/customers will like the video too , if I manage to somehow integrate it into my digital catalog - do you have any idea if that is possible?
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