Selling an ebook mobile vs desktop?

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About selling an ebook. What are the best results for you guys?

Mobile or Desktop?

My facebook ads are much more expensive on desktop (0.15 cents/click)
on mobile (0.04 cents/click).

Thanks for answer me.
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    Its in your favor to use both mediums. Just configure your site to be mobile responsive, and continue to promote. Is the conversion rate for free leads high on both your mobile and desktop site?
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    I think Mobile is 1 and Desktop 2 . Because Now More of People Spend their time in mobile and still grow up.
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    I think Mobile is the best option for selling an ebook.
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    This is just from my "gut" - as I have no experience advertising specifically on mobile.

    I know that I, personally, have never made a purchase from a mobile ad. How about you?
    If you purchase an ebook via mobile, is it delivered to your mobile? Do you read it on your mobile?

    Originally Posted by Devenez Un Vrai Homme View Post

    My facebook ads are much more expensive on desktop (0.15 cents/click)
    on mobile (0.04 cents/click).
    Facebook apparently doesn't feel like mobile ads are worth as much as desktop ads, either.
    The question is whether desktop ads are worth almost 4 times as much.

    Facebook obviously thinks so.

    Sid Hale
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    90% of Facebook traffic is mobile. That's why the price is lower.

    If you can't convert mobile in 2018?

    The "era" for learning how to convert mobile was 2011-2013.

    Pretty much every social media site is 70% mobile or higher. Mobile is higher among most demographics for ALL web traffic and is rising. Prediction is 80% in the next couple years.

    You have to learn to convert it if you want to stay in business.

    Mobile traffic ain't hard to convert. There's data on it. Validated data from large research firms among ecom ...

    Ecom can sell mobile easily.

    Ebooks aren't that hard. Collect email. Send to mobile sales page. Make mobile sales page for mobile experience -

    45 minute VSL's???

    No good on mobile.

    P.S. People read ebooks on mobile. Apps for that. 5.5" screens. Phablets. Etc. Etc.
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  • You will make more eBook sales on a desktop.

    As you can already see people don't make major purchases from mobile phones
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