Advanatges of buying an expired domain??

by Gee S
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Hey guys,

Just wanted an idea of what the advantages are to buying expired domains? Do they still rank in the SE's? Already have traffic coming in?

All advice is appreciated.

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    They could, and they could have traffic.

    But just like a sword with a double blade, they could also be bad news. If the expired domain was banned, de-indexed, is a known hack or spam site, then you wouldn't want it.

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    Some may have some good backlinks coming in. Old links on websites do not always get cleared out as quickly as other things so, even long after the domain has expired, some backlinks may still be lurking out there.

    That can give you a jump start in getting your own site up and running.

    Just research the domain name beforehand, though, to avoid any problems. For example, I considered an expired domain name in my niche once. It had a number of good backlinks and still had some decent search engine rankings, but there was a lot of negative talk about the site because the previous owner had apparently scammed a lot of people. I opted against buying that domain, because stuff like that can be hard to shake. Someone may search your domain and find these old comments and not know (or believe) that it was due to the actions of a previous owner. And, when in doubt, people will just go elsewhere.

    So, just beware of any negatives of an old domain. I've purchased expired domains without any problems. You just have to do some research beforehand to make sure you're not getting one with a lot of bad baggage.

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