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Hello everyone,

I've recently built skin care micro niche site to promote affiliation offers; However, I've newsletter signup form but don't know how to keep my enrolled users warm and what ideas are there to build sales funnel automated system (using mailchimp platform);

I've over 60 blog articles posted right now and adding a few every week.
My question here regarding sales funnel emails or ideas to keep my audience updated to the skin care industry and sell Affiliate products through. Any ideas please on to do this!

thank you all for reading and care
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    Having interesting articles on your site is a good start as there is always change and something new in the skin care field.

    Make sure your articles are well tagged, with some themes. Visitors can sign up to follow some of those themes. You could focus on specific manufacturers or product lines. You could get a personality to do demo videos for content.

    For monetization, the usual way is by affiliate link. You become an affiliate for the product you're talking about, and have the link at the end of the post. You must disclose that this is an affiliate link, but the language for doing so in the post can be very casual. A formal affiliate disclosure page is also a good idea.

    I (once again) recommend Tom Addams' Month One WSO as it covers all this stuff.
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    thanks Jason for reply;
    I was expecting ideas on how to build sales funnel sequential mails for my future newsletter subsribers!

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  • If you need email/article/content ideas... you don't exactly have to always be original. There are article templates that you can follow that can help the content creation process easier. You can find some great ones at EzineArticles. Just make sure what ever your article headline promises to reveal, that you reveal it in your article.

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      thanks for tip; still looking for more creative ideas about sales funnel messages for my subscribers that'll build confidence and help market Aff products
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    Hi new2cpa,

    I like viewing humans reading my blog, or watching my videos, or listening to my podcasts. This helps; humanizing numbers or users to compassionately address their needs.

    Creating helpful content geared toward solving issues in the skin care niche keeps them interested. Spread the content out through:

    - blog posts (good job on 60; keep 'em coming)
    - videos
    - podcasts

    Keep creating helpful content and folks will dig your free and premium offerings.

    Be generous and your followers will be generous with you.

    Ryan Biddulph, Blogger, Author, World Traveling Digital Nomad
    If you want to become a full time blogger you can buy my eBook here
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    Create or buy helpful content that adds value to users. Building trust should be your very first step
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      yes, you're all right. Rich content is the key here for readers egnagement; For existing subscribers, shall I keep mailing them (let's say once a week) my newest blog post!
      And how to introduce them to my affiliated product(s)!

      thank you for sharing tips
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    Anyone here please who can add some help...thanks
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    I (once again) recommend Tom Addams' Month One WSO as it covers all this stuff.
    I was under the impression that promoting WSOs (either your own or other's) on the main forum was against the rules.

    I've seen you drop this "suggestion" a dozen times.

    Am I wrong about this "rule?"
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    Sincerely, I didn't feel getting any serious help that's of value or relevance; all answers are common trues and apply to every business;

    thank you all for time spent on using keyboard. But not useful tips related to the inquiry.
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    Messaging is a new way of keeping closer contact to customer. Are you using it in your site?

    Also, it is turning into a preferred channel to sell directly, while the client is warm.
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    You can sign up with an affiliate networks in your niche and start recommending products to your email list every week.
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