Anyone sell medical tools to doctors online?

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Hello WF,

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I have a product that is traditionally sold person-to-person to surgeons. As you may know - this could take weeks to generate leads and even months to prospect a qualified customer.

We want to take this online & target specific surgeons in specific states. My question to you all is-

What is the best platform to do this on? (We are testing LinkedIn now)
What could be used as bait for a medical tool?
What incentive can I give a surgeon to submit their name, email, and phone number?

The objective is to have the name, email, and phone because a trained and certified representative of the company will be giving them a call - transferring the lead from warm to hot.

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    My guess is ... surgeons don't spend a lot of time on LinkedIn.

    You may find more success making personal contacts, one at a time, with their gatekeepers. It might be secretaries, personal assistants, office managers, etc.

    A second thought would be to see if you can gain access to advertising in association newsletters and journals. For that, visit the Encyclopedia of Associations (published by Gale).

    Laser-focused, one-on-one prospecting might be more efficient than trying to find platforms when trying to market to highly-paid and deeply niched professionals.

    The best to you,


    Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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    • Thanks Steve, I'll be looking into the Encyclopedia of Associations now!
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    Doctors are getting hit up all the time with online offers. However, although they generally are up to date on the latest technology trends, they characteristically use e-mail and online media selectively.

    This makes communication especially difficult, and privacy concerns need to be considered and addressed specifically when it comes to developing online marketing campaigns targeted to healthcare professionals.

    I found it faster to meet doctors (or their office staff members) at trade shows, conferences, seminars, charity events, etc, then followup with them through online/offline media. An indirect approach seems to work best (always ask for referrals).

    The initial offer should be some kind of incentivized discount, whitepaper, newsletter subscription, relevant seminar, or even something doctors or their staff can use personally.

    In addition, use the media from where the event was advertised for your own ad, or even better - submit an article which demonstrates your knowledge of the product(s) and specialty sector.
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    When I was working with a surgical company we wanted doctors to refer patients.

    The most effective way we found was taking them out to lunch.

    As for surgeons they are harder to get time in front of but it is easier for a patient to get in front of a surgeon when they have a referral than when they contact them directly and it will be easier for you if you get referrals also. Find out who is referring who and work on leveraging that influence.

    One thing you can try is to get good contact information to work with.

    For example I was looking for Thoracic Surgeons and I turned this up.. . .

    They have other data that may be of interest depending on your specific target.

    Best regards,

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  • Purchasing doctors database is best way to market your medical tools. You can reach doctors multiple ways like email, direct phone number, fax number, social media profiles, mailing address. But before purchasing doctors database try to get samples in order to check the quality of database.
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    Does one need approval from FDA etc to be able to sell to doctors online ? Be it medical equipments or medicines ?
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      Originally Posted by Neoraj View Post

      Does one need approval from FDA etc to be able to sell to doctors online ? Be it medical equipments or medicines ?
      I sell medical tools/equipment to doctors, labs, clinics and hospitals. There are no onerous licensing requirements, although memberships in relevant healthcare organizations, associations, and professional networks are extremely beneficial for promotions and marketing.

      But medicines or clinical drugs ... that's a completely different animal. I would avoid those niches like the plague.
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