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I have a wordpress site and have written each post for different keywords.
For example trainers, sneakers, pumps, sneaks, running trainers, ect. All meaning the same thing.

being a newbie, I used one post to use the keyword sneakers and in a different article I use the word trainers.

I can only assume that this is annoying for my readers and I was hoping for your advice on the situation.

How does this method stand against seo?
Should I have one post per page with this method?
Should I just change them all to one keyword like 'trainers.' I would find it a little strange if I was reading it from my reader point of view.

What would you suggest?
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    my suggestion, since you are trying to target all these different keywords with one blog, is to put the POSTS on PAGES. Set up pages for each keyword andf you'll get more SEO juice.
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    Hi Winebuddy,

    Thanks for the advice, however I was wondering whether I should target one or two keywords on my site and target the rest on articles alone?
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      I would just point out what you already know...

      If you think it's annoying to your readers, then it probably is.

      What I like to do is find one main keyword. This is your "money keyword". The one with the best search to competition ratio. What I mean by that is, find a keyword that gets a healthy amount of daily searches but is not flooded with competing sites. My most successful ratios have been at least 30 daily searches and no more than 50,000 competing although this does vary from time to time depending on the actual strength of that competition. Others might advise otherwise...this is just for me and what I've experienced.

      Secondly, I identify 3 or more "Category" keywords. These have slightly less search to competition ratios, but still worth ranking for. From there I am able to post in an orderly, targeted fashion. And I use these just as the name categories (or pages as winebuddy wisely recommended) on my WP blogs..each filled with regularly updated and related content.

      In regards to the articles, I would say yes. Focus your blogging efforts on your main keywords and use the other keywords for articles all building link juice to your blog. Just remember to build targeted backlinks, which in many respects is the most important part.

      Best of luck!
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    Google can work out what you're talking about.

    Interchange both words in your posts and you'll be fine.
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