Using Public Relations For Affiliate Marketing

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I have always run a strong PR campaign, consistently for my website. I believe keeping your website in your target market press can bring just as much traffic as strong keyword positions in google; and is much better at overall brand building.

However, it appears that more and more sites are jumping onto the public relations bandwagon to bring visitors to their site.

I recently read about a UK based site myvouchercodes who have according to their PR company, achieved sales worth excess £118m in under a year, and I have it on good authority, the site owner has amased personal earnings from this [ IE commissions], in excess £10m- IE nearly $20m. In under a year.

[[NB they use the same PR firm as me; so i'm not going to post a link to that company]]

Now this site seems to have jumped on the credit crunch bandwagon, and ridden it all the way to the bank.

I would be interested to hear of any other websites that have successfully used PR, and offline media, to promote a website, as it appears if you get it right, and have the right really can make a lot of money, even without your own product.

To Prove my point. If you are UK based, do a google search for "make money online".

First returned result is timesonline

Now that was produced because someone did a press release about ways to make money online. One of the listed websites infact. If your website is mentioned in an article by the times, then hell you are gonna get a lot of visitors that day!
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