Tracking Craigslist Views with Google Analytics or any other ways???

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Does anyone know of an *easy* way to track Craigslist ad views with Google Analytics or any other analytics dashboard?

Any free dashboard to analysis my ads views and clicks??
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  • You should be able to see Craigslist as the website traffic source for any ad clicks under your Google Analytics dashboard. The challenge is that Craigslist has an unwritten anti-link policy in their ads since it leads to traffic leakage off their site. Those website links also serve as a predictable campaign footprint through which Craigslist can track and flag all your ads.
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      Thanks for your quick reply.
      Sorry I didn't mention you details.

      Is there any possibility of checking out how many views our advertise got in Craigslist
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    Craigslist does not give its clients traffic statistics, which implies that no official route exists for following the number of individuals seeing your posting. Craigslist also forbids users from incorporating a tracking content in your post. So the most effortless lawful choice left is to make use of an image in your posting. Craigslist urges hosting pictures on their servers, and allows you to link to pictures located somewhere else, which is the way you can track page views.

    - Pick the pictures you intend to use in your posting.

    - Contact your Web hosting admin and let them know you need to track unique views of a particular picture document; they will instruct you on how to go about it. You might also find information about this on their FAQ page.

    - Upload the picture as directed by your Web host's customer support. You just need to do this with one picture. Tracking statistics on several pictures can make you mistakenly add to the number of guests who view your posts.

    - Link to the picture when you post your Craigslist ad, making use of the HTML picture tag: .Replace "URL" with the genuine URL of your picture, including the "http://" toward the start and keeping the quotes.

    - Track the unique downloads for the picture in your posting. This number generally will tally with the actual number of guests.
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    Thanks for this infromation
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    #1 - include a tracking pixel in your ad. Any analytics that come with your hosting should be able to show you the info extracted from your site logs.

    #2 - use a redirect page to track clicks. Your link on CL leads to a page on your site which immediately redirects to the destination. Again, the log analytics included with your hosting account should tell you how many times the redirect page was accessed.

    #2 does have a risk. If someone tries to use the back button from your destination page, they will return to the redirect, which will put them right back on the page they were trying to leave. You can get around this by using a bit of javascript with a return link to CL (simply backs up 2 steps in the history, rather than one like the BB).

    If you're trying to direct link to an affiliate offer, you're pretty much SOL.
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    Craigslist strips img's from html code, any more. Can't be done.
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      Originally Posted by PratFall View Post

      Craigslist strips img's from html code, any more. Can't be done.
      It's been awhile, so I stand corrected. Sounds like we're back to SOL, then.
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