How can I get my site + articles to number one on google?

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What do I need to do?

And how can I analyze the competition?

I know that one of my keywords has 5000 exact
My competition (no. 1 spot) is a blog with 500 backlinks (according to website
The other competition on the first page are hubpages, ezine, ehow, squido and then mostly websites.

Thanks, I really appreciate your advice.
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    There's a couple of hundred things to consider, it's not all down to backlinks (as important as they are).

    500 backlinks will be easy to beat if you have the time.. submitting your RSS feeds around the web will take out most of the pain. But build your links slowly.. too fast and it looks unnatural.
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    Its not the number of backlinks that matters. Its the quality. So many people just dont get that.

    Here is a great talk by Matt Cutts that will help to clear things up:
    Straight from Google: What You Need to Know
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    I think much research is needed...
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    I was asked this very question on my forum because I do it all the time and help customers do the same.. While I went into great details there I will post the basics here.

    The amount of backlinks certainly do matter but first and foremost understand that there is not one single program or application that can tell you the exact number of backlinks a website has.

    You want top listings then follow through with building as many proper backlinks as you can and this includes submitting your rss feed, bookmarking, setting up web 2.0 profiles, making blog comments and the most important of all "Taking Part In The Communities You Join"...

    Providing quality content matters also..

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    I am no expert, but so far to get good spots I do what everyone else is telling you.

    Except with articles you can build backlinks really quickly if you want.

    Just use the advise given to you.
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    Thanks for everyones help!
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    If you ever work it out you can name your own price for consulting and training. There are lots of things you can do to help but there is no guarantee and it may work for some days or weeks and then drop off.

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      Hmm...didn't know that.

      I thought that (depending on the niche) therre were things I could do to get to the number one spot.
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