Why isn't this landing page banned on Facebook?

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Here's a blog post that was recently advertised on Facebook:


The content itself is valuable. However:

- The title is "How To Make Money Blogging."

- There's a box for an optin offer on the page. The link says "Free Video Training: How to Build a Blog Making $7,502 Passively Every Month!"

I thought "how you can make moniez online" stuff wasn't allowed on Facebook.

So, what gives?

Thanks in advance!
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    You are absolutely right. If they have not been banned on Facebook yet, they will be soon. You are not allowed to have any kind of guarantee on your ads on Facebook. They are starting to crack down on people who are running those types of "money making" offers.
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    Don't worry about your competitors (or non-competitors for that matter). Stay in your own lane and work on things that work best for YOUR business. Whether Facebook does something about the ad or not - shouldn't be your concern. There are plenty of places to advertise online effectively. Start with the one that most effective and comfortable for your business style, and after dominating it, go on to the next one.
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    I do not work at Facebook. However, the page itself seem to look pretty good. I noticed for example that the headline does not mention any specific amount of money. Based on my experience running ads for a weight loss related product, being vague seems to help when promoting such a popular niche on that ad network.
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    It will be blocked and disapproval soon.
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    They are in compliance with fb advertising terms. Here is an extract from their terms

    "Ads promoting income opportunities must fully describe the associated product or business model, and must not promote business models offering quick compensation for little investment, including multilevel marketing opportunities."

    "Ads promoting income opportunities" Facebook exact words so they allow income opportunities as implied here. His headline described the business model which is in compliance with facebook and they aren't promising anything here. The way to promote income opportunities on facebook is to fully describe the type of product and or business model and not make income claims. You have to craft the ad and landing page as a "education" type of thing like what authority hacker did. "how to make money online blogging....and learn what these 21 bloggers did". Instead of "make $72,767.56 in the next 3 days using this new crazy ninja method working only 30 minutes a day and spend only $50.00". If you promote make money online opportunities on facebook then use business models more commonly known by the general public. Ask anyone who knows nothing about making money online how to do it and their #1 answer will be to Blog followed by YouTube or start a Social Media Site. You can make an ad for a YouTube product easily and be in compliance, you could craft it as an offer for "building your following" or "how to get a million views on YT" and avoid the income opportunity category altogether. However you can comply with fb terms and still get your account banned, even if you are compliant.

    I thought up several including "income opportunity" products that I could promote using a YouTube course a non mmo product as the front end to while typing this.
    0.YouTube Course
    Then email followups

    1.Video Shooting Course
    2.How to constantly get fresh ideas for your videos
    3.How to get sponsors, not depend on Adwords( this is a MMO for affiliate marketing and or the traditional sponsor that pays for a mention)
    4. How to build a brand around your following (Ecommerce)
    5. Creating Premium Subscription Based Content (Membership site)

    I thought of some more things to promote including products on amazon but the post is getting long and I am bored already.

    This actually sounds like it could be a pretty cool funnel to make, so I'll get started on it now.
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