Should It All Be Free or Paid?

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Hey Guys,

I'm just getting back to the WF after a long hiatus. Joined the National Guard, made a move and pursued some different business ventures.

Right now, I want to do what I'm passionate about, and share it, which is taking fuzzy ideas and turning them into concrete processes (you know, the kinds that are always promised with products).

I guess I don't feel like it's a business if it can't be outsourced, and it can't be outsourced if you can't explain it. Being a visual learner, I explain with process maps and mind maps.

Now here's my dilemma. I want to share all of this, because frankly I won't use a lot of them, or will do one project and ditch it. My main focus is seeing if I can make it work, and then I get bored. But, something profound I read in one of Mr. Paul Myer's newsletters was "People do not value free, anywhere close to as much as paid" (I had to paraphrase because I don't know if I still have the newsletter)

I don't want to throw stuff out there that people aren't going to use. All I'd be doing then, would be adding to the "analysis paralysis" I find it so easy to put myself in, and I don't want to do that to others.

So, should I charge a small fee, like 50 cents per month, to subscribe to the mailing list, and just donate all the proceeds to charity or hosting costs or something, or just make it good ole' fashioned free?

Thanks in advance for the feedback!

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    charge a buck to be a member and get the first 30 days of newsletters or whatever content you are offering. after that - make it $17 or $27 a month.

    If you are giveing away brilliant secrets of the IM world - the price is justified. If not then its not. All depends on the content.

    I have a membershipe site with 95% retention rate but the fee is low - $7 - so members cannot expect tooo much :-)
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    Solid idea. The $1 trial would let people check it out, and figure out if they can actually use it. If not, they keep it for a buck.

    $7 isn't a bad price point.

    Another part of it is, I haven't tested it with other people. I know that I understand the processes, and can use them to outsource, but other people might be hung up with them, or maybe I'm leaving out a critical step.
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    I agree the $1 trial will certainly get people int he door easy enough and if what is on offer stands up to value for the price after that you will retain people well enough

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    I highly doubt anyone would pay 50 cents a month.
    Too cheap... Must not be any good.

    You'd be better off giving it away free.
    I don't even know what it is, but if it's 50 cents/mo it must be crap.
    The perceived value is not there.

    Build it up so the perceived value is $50 a month and then charge $7.
    Or just put it all together into one product for a flat rate.

    Most people don't like paying monthly fees and are burnt out on
    continuity type programs.
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      I favor a one-time fee.

      Free vs. continuity is hard to compare. Free vs. $xx is something people can get their heads around.

      Maybe let people see your last 3-5 ideas before signing up and paying the one-time fee (vs. $1 trial for a continuity program)
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