Are YOU a Winner? A Potentially Life Changing Read For All Warriors

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I've been meaning to mention this on the Forum for a while now, just got inspired to post this now after reading a another thread about writing goals down and using positive imagery to achieve your desired level of success.

I've come across an amazing book (and let me just preface this by saying I am in no way associated/affiliated with it or stand to profit from recommending it) called "The Winner's Bible" by an amazing fellow NZer, neuroscientist Dr. Kerry Spackman, who is a "performance optimisation" specialist, long term consultant to four Formula 1 teams, and retained by the NZ government to provide his services to elite athletes.

Basically the purpose of the book, as it states on the cover is to "rewire your brain for permanent change"

I was blown away as soon as I started reading this book. It is in no way anything to do with The Secret, law of attraction, or anything like that. It's based on sound science, and gives you techniques that will literally rewire your brain and change the way you look at things and pursue your goals.

I'll cut to the chase here - I'm rubbish at writing reviews, and could write pages on this book and how good it is, you can get it through Amazon, and someone there has written a much better review than I could so you might want to check it out: The Winner's Bible: Rewire Your The Winner's Bible: Rewire Your Brain... (not an affiliate link)

I'm sure this book will open your eyes to not only how you can achieve success in your business life, but in every aspect of it, and help you get over any hurdles in your way, even ones that are deep-seated, caused by events in your past. The techniques he describes in the book are really eye-opening and make a heck of a lot of sense at the same time. Get it.

End ramble.
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    I will take a look at this however the book I am currently looking at buying is Matt Morris The Unemployed Millionaire

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    I'm a bookworm, so this is added to my wish list! I use books as my reward when I meet my business/personal goals, so thanks for another great reward!
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    Very cool. I too am a bookworm and I started drooling over this as I tend to do with new books, especially good ones.

    I have long enjoyed reading books of this nature, because of the whole "grooves" in your brain thing and how you can change them.

    A couple other books and authors you might enjoy (if you're not already familiar with them) along the same vein are - Anything by Dr. Amen, an incredible Doctor that knows the brain through and through, but his book "Change Your Brain, Change Your Life" is very good especially.

    Also, while the other one I just had in my head escapes me, I'll have to add it later. It's in my stack (the downstairs by the coffee table stack) to re-read soon.

    Thanks for the link!
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    Whilst I'm sure many will benefit from this, the main forum is for "where we talk about making money."

    There is a perfectly good sub forum called Mind Warriors (which I like to prefix with "out of their") for this kind of motivational, mindset malarkey.

    Not that I see no value in a lot of the great stuff posted therein. It's just that you do come across one or two "intereresting" theories and characters.

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      Originally Posted by tomw View Post

      There is a perfectly good sub forum called Mind Warriors (which I like to prefix with "out of their") for this kind of motivational, mindset malarkey.
      Thanks for the heads up about the sub forum, haven't ventured there yet, so didn't think to post this in there. Technically, this could be seen by some as a tool to help make them money....yeah a stretch I know, need to come up with a justification for putting this in the main forum :p. Anyway, I'm sure it's something a lot of folk here could find some benefit in, so no harm done.

      And as for it being motivational, mindset malarkey, well, that couldn't be further from the truth - did you actually read the description? It's about the brain, not the mind. It's not airy-fairy, it's science.

      I'm a pretty skeptical, cynical guy myself sometimes, but this is definitely a case of don't knock it til you've tried it!
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    Good call...sorry!

    (But making money is so much harder than reading...oh well)
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      What's wrong with the plain old Bible? It excludes winners or what?

      And I agree with Tom, this kind of "malarkey" belongs in the Mind Forum.
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        Originally Posted by MovingAhead View Post

        What's wrong with the plain old Bible? It excludes winners or what?
        Absolutely nothing wrong with The Bible, if that's what you're into, though The Bible doesn't do what this book does. To compare them is like comparing apples and oranges.
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