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I have some unique products to sell, but I can't list them on eBay or Amazon ( because of the policy of my supplier).
I do really need only 5-10 regular customers to be satisfied ( cosmetics stores ideally) .
The problem is, I cannot send those products beyond European Union and I'd love to find customers somewhere in London or Stockholm. I have no idea, where should I look for them, and how to approach them so I can make them my regular customers without having any store. I do not want to spend much money for that purpose.

Can you help me guys ?

- Where to find them ?
- How to build a relationship with them ?
- How to sell them stuff without a platform ?
- How to make them my regullar customers ?

I can honestly say, that cosmetics I promote are very good and in high demand, could bring a lot of profit to my customers, the only problem is I don't know where and how to find them.

Thank you all for replying
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  • So, If I'm understanding you properly

    You want somebody here to guide you/hold your hand step-by-step to a profitable I right?

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    • Not really, I might have overcomplicated it XDD. I know how to sell my commodity but I don't know how and where to search for customers, which would be interested in what I have to offer and be very targetted at the same time. ( I'm planning to sell them stuff via DM)
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    You can sell your product's through social media marketing by using targetting customer according to your product category and you can boost your sell.
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    • Hmm it seems like a good Idea

      What would you recommend?

      1. Creating Social Media account, building it and then selling by posting?
      2. Or using ads and influencers? ( assuming that I want my customers to be regular)
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    So do you want to sell to busines or do you want to sell to customers?? I think the approach would be very different. In the original post you said cosmetics stores in London or Stockholm ... are you anywhere near these places? Or why these two?
    The most promising approach I'd guess is contacting local stores in your area, set up a meeting and present your product. Leave samples. Have all your data at your fingertips during the presentation: Why they should stock your products, what's so great about them, how they can improve their own sales / ROI / customer relationship with your products, how they can get an edge over their competition selling your products, ... basically everything that's in for THEM when they decide to stock your stuff.
    Getting your foot in the door with one local store could open doors to customer reviews, likes and shares of your products on social, etc.
    Another thing you could try is some sort of press release about your stuff. Stores looking for good new products to stock may have an alert set up to get notified. Just as an idea. I have no insight at all into this kind of business.
    Other than that, B2B networking is best done on linkedin.
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    • Thank you for your advice. I have been planning to send my products to England or Sweden because it is very profitable and company from which I have them only allows to send me them on the EU. ( I'm from Poland and I found, that there is almost no competition for my products and I can sell it for a much higher price, which would be still low for them) I'm not interested purely in money but mostly in brand marketing. I have those products from some unknown MLM company which has very good opinion in my country, but almost no opinion in other countries. So I thought, it would be a great deal - to offer products on polish prices to people/businesses from countries with almost 5 times of our GDP and 5 times of our market prices (For me and for them as well.)
      Regarding the local stores, I have already signed a contract with them, so I have their good opinion and client's view as well. I just wanted to combine Online Marketing with traditional Marketing to scale it even further.

      Once more, thank you for your reply.
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    If I'm understanding you correctly, you want to sell cosmetics to beauty stores/retailers. If that's the case, than I think you've drastically underestimated how hard it is to do what you're asking.

    You said you have no sales history and no platform. But, expect a retailer to hand over money to stock your products? In any retail store, shelf space is limited. A retailer would be crazy to buy from an unknown source. And, even if they did, they wouldn't do it on terms where they pay you $x.xx for x amount of stock. The retailer would certainly cover themselves with a buy-back clause should they be unable to sell your product(s). Most retailers order products through distributors, which simplifies rhe process. But, it also reduces the profit margins for everyone involved.

    If I understood you correctly, I think you need to do more research on getting products into retail stores. Then decide if that's something you're able to do with your product(s).

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    I don't know about the EU ...

    but in the U.S. anyone can walk into a good public library and find reference books listing U.S. companies by type and the kind of products they sell (SIC code). All the company details are given so you can contact them directly. It's not that difficult at all to find all the contacts you need.

    This will give you an idea of what I'm referring to:

    Standard Industrial Classification


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    You can sell it through social media's, since people are very active on this platform.
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    • Which platform would you use exactly? I'm not able to manage all of them. I had a great experience with Instagram but it was some time ago. Is it still the best one ?
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        Originally Posted by Kubson Jarosiński View Post

        Which platform would you use exactly? I'm not able to manage all of them. I had a great experience with Instagram but it was some time ago. Is it still the best one ?
        Since you sound like you are looking for B2B, selling to other businesses, you might take a look at LinkedIn. You can search by city, restrict your search to business profiles, etc. Once you have a list of businesses that meet your criteria, do a search for individuals who list those company names. Contact them to start a relationship.
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    Well, as all say above, you can contact the near retail stores that'll definitely beneficial for you. There are many people who sell their products through retail stores. Apart from these you can create a page of your business on various social media platforms and connect them with each other. For example, you create a page on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Whenever you post on Instagram or any other platform just click a share button and it'll also display on other social media accounts. Due to this, you'll get more followers and customers as well.
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    Find people who already have lists of buyers in those geographic areas and target niches. Partner up with them.
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    Just curious Kubson: would a very basic online shop where you sell through chat and get paid through Paypal make it for you?
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