Dedicated servers (physical machines) in Europe. How to promote it?

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Hello, warriors,
Basically we are starting new dedicated servers (physical machines) in our own Datacenter in Europe sales strategy and we are start to selling it automatically online. Company is 5 years old, we work in b2b module before (and still working), but decided to add another sales channel. Basically we are working only with brand HPE hardware (newest generation) in our own datacenter. It's quit a though market, because it should be more b2b than b2c. Also it not emotional item, people buying it only then they really need it (1 server price per month start from 159€ (aprox. 195$). So I want to discuss with you about it. Let me give you some information.

What have we done yet:
1) we launch Google adwords search campaign for and getting first traffic (PPC price is up to 3€ right now). Budget 40€/day
2) Start Google Adwords display ads campaign, PPC price about 0,3€ budget 10€/day
3) Order new website which will increase our conversion. Now is not quite good, I believe we loosing some kind of customer yet.

Where we are struggling:
1) Though market. Because it could work property only in Europe (lagging of internet because of distance between our DC and servers visitors).
2) We are planning to launch affiliate marketing and give 20% recurring commissions, but little bit struggling with agreements and law base in our country. Our country taxes department could start to struggling either if we will start to sending money every month to some physical person bank account without any agreement and so on.
3)New in market, people are building they business on these servers. It is though to trust someone who you don't now.

What is our plan:
1) Launch social media channels and try to grown they (It is hard part because I don't really believe in big ROI there. Buyer person is quite hard).
2) Launch affiliate marketing program (might help if we will catch some kind of this marketing expert).
3) Try to reach out bloggers in this industries and order some kind of articles.

What you can suggest other here? We have a budget even now and when we catch some kind of marketing niche, we will be able to increase it quite easily.

P.S. One more think. Product is quite a luxury. Branding servers. In this segment we are able to suggest one of the best prices in market. But we are not able to win price wars with some kind of cheap and old players (such as ovh, hetzner and so on). They are kicking our **ses very easily.

Thank you for your discussion.
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