How to Purposely Create a Product that KEEPS Making You Money Every Month

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After making a GREAT income for almost 20 years online, I get asked
which skill has helped me the most.

Some ask if it's marketing, copywriting, sales, or more.

In all honesty, studying human nature has made me the most money.

Because once you can even remotely figure out why we ALL do stuff
(and I still haven't figured it all out in 20 years).... you can then speak
to THOSE desires in your marketing.

And really, that's the key to making it online.

It's finding out your prospects' desires, many of them which they
will NOT tell you, and try to speak to those.

For example, let's get personal for a second.

I'm sure there are things you desire or enjoy?

And to take it a step further, not only do you have certain
"itches" that need to be scratched... they KEEP popping up.

Like, every month or so. Maybe more, maybe less.

Well, because these "needs" are never permanently satisfied... if
you can help that person "scratch" their itch over and over,
you can purposely create a business in which people willingly
buy from you, every single month or more.

Think about one of the top selling niches in ALL of human kind.

Sex. And sure, while we can feel satisfied at any given time,
there's a pretty good chance the desire will pop up again at some

Maybe for some it's golf. Or studying sales and marketing.

Painting. Playing Fantasy football. Mastering video games.

Just about every niche has a subset of rabid, super fans
that can almost never get enough of a certain thing.

So why not set up a recurring product, like a membership
site, that helps these folks enjoy their desire, every single

Zig Ziglar has often said that you can get what you want by
helping other people get what they want.

It's why thinking about YOU, and certain areas of your life
that you keep having desires or wants pop up... perhaps it
can put you on a path to find a market or niche that you can
help "scratch their own itch".

It's also how you can purposely set up a business that sells
and KEEPS making you money, month in and month out.

So, acne, arthritis, weight loss, hearing loss, hair loss, dating/relationships,
finance, golf, these are possible niches because people will usually
try to "fix" something that's not working for them.

And even better... often times it's NOT a "one and done" solution,

So, you can enjoy built-in repeat business potential with membership sites
or book clubs, online or offline newsletters, supplements, DVD of the month...
these all have built-in repeat biz potential.

It's so much easier to sell to folks who have bought, and you know they're
going to have that itch that needs scratching every month.

And when you do it right, you can build a relationship and get
these folks to like and trust you.

Here's another way you can make money AFTER you sold a product.

Let's say you have a monthly newsletter.

You can use that monthly newsletter to promote OTHER products of
yours, again, as long as they help those desires and wants that
your prospects have.

Not only are you making a monthly income from the sales of your
newsletter... but you can also promote other products and services
in that newsletter.

I used to sell a monthly fitness newsletter. Over time, I'd use it to promote
supplements, workout accessories, workout equipment, vitamins, and more.

It's like you are getting paid twice.

You can charge a monthly fee for your newsletter that's recurring income and
in that newsletter, promote other products too.

This is why I stick with products that are purposely created to help
people either solve a problem they have to deal with on more than
one occasion, or a product that's built upon a niche that is NEVER
fully satisfied.

Golfers never stop trying to play better. Athletes never stop trying
to play better. The adult industry is multi billion because it caters
to a demand that's never permanently satisfied.

If you're able to think of areas in your life that are never fully
satisfied and the desire tends to pop up often... it could mean
a potential product opportunity that keeps paying you each month.
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    Thanks Shawn.

    Good 'ole Economics 101 - find a hungry audience in a money niche and satisfy their "demand" - over, and over, and over again.


    Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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    Good old fashion advice give the customer what they want
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    This is great stuff. It's like me buying food; I'll always be hungry by the time the next meal comes around. Create products that meet a similar need, and you will keep making money while folks will receive value from what you have to offer. It is a genuine win-win every single time.
    Ryan Biddulph inspires you to be a successful blogger with his courses, 100 plus eBooks, audio books and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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  • Profile picture of the author Rose Anderson
    This is spot on.

    I've been writing for 40 years but at least once a month a buy a new writing book or course. There is always more to learn or a new angle to consider.

    Tap into these markets and you'll never go hungry.

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  • As opposed to making one accidently...?

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      Originally Posted by TenaciousGrease View Post

      As opposed to making one accidently...?
      I know it sounds odd... but absolutely, I'd have to say MANY marketers, here
      and off the forum, never think of using their current product to ALSO market
      their future ones.

      Or, to set up a current product so it keeps making them income.

      A lot of folks think of just selling their initial product for X dollars, when
      with a few extra steps, can leverage it so it makes more for them.

      So it's gotta be done with purpose in mind, because a lot of folks just
      think of selling that one product, one time... when in reality, you can
      leverage just about any product so it keeps making money.

      But yeah, I get what you're saying :-)
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  • Profile picture of the author IGotMine
    I know it sounds odd... but absolutely, I'd have to say MANY marketers, here
    and off the forum, never think of using their current product to ALSO market
    their future ones.
    I feel at a distinct advantage as I see this all as common sense.

    Maybe it's just 35+ years of marketing experience?
    Gone Fishin'...
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      Originally Posted by IGotMine View Post

      I feel at a distinct advantage as I see this all as common sense.

      Maybe it's just 35+ years of marketing experience?
      Seriously? Do you realize where you are at?

      35 years is a lot of time. Maybe some common sense comes from trying, failing or doing, and then the ol slap to the head, DOH!

      You truly are at the wrong place if you expect to find that much common sense here. I would think it would take someone like you a New York minute to realize that, eh?

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