What is the best traffic source to sell an info product

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I recently launched an info product. I sell over 50copies/day using FB group, Am kind of looking for other right traffic source to use to boost my sales.

What do you have in mind?
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    Hi there, now that you're in WF, if your info-product is aligned to IM, consider having a WSO?
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    The very best traffic source is the one where your targeted prospects can be found looking for what you are offering.

    The venue or platform are secondary in consideration. IM is not a one-size-fits-all industry where every marketer is profitable using the same strategies and venues.

    If your Facebook group has been buying your product well, find other groups, forums, sites where these same people can be found.

    BTW, 50 sales/day is alot in most people's books ... in fact, it makes me question why you are even asking for help ... 99% of the people here don't make one sale per day.


    Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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      Originally Posted by Steve B View Post

      BTW, 50 sales/day is alot in most people's books ... in fact, it makes me question why you are even asking for help ... 99% of the people here don't make one sale per day.
      He's only promoting his signature, Steve.
      Do you need an exclusive video product?
      Graphics Design - Motion Graphics - 2D & 3D Animation - Video Editing - Color Grading - Logo Animation - etc
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    Hi godsonechezona,

    Bump up the price of your info product, incorporate an affiliate program, recruit affiliates, and offer them 75% commission for each sale.

    A lot of info product owners out there make a boatload of sales due to affiliates. Those affiliates perform most of the promotional legwork, while product owners handle customer service, sit back, and collect the cash.

    Since you sell 50 copies a day yourself, clearly there's demand for your product. You might want to try putting it up on Clickbank because that place has tons of affiliates.
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    You could consider doing webinars and email marketing, but you will have to demonstrate your product well. You can also market on Instagram, be creative think out of box.

    I stumble on Internet marketing, and love the business:http://www.bimsucessfastmoney.com

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    Forum signatures is another way to get traffic to infoproducts.

    The way to know which traffic source is best is to use tracking links so you can see which traffic source converts!

    For the future, add a FB / Adwords Pixel to the sales page so you can market to "look a like" audiences in the future.
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    Consider a marketing platform?
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    A mix of organic and paid traffic is usually the most effective way to grow a business. The exact magic mixture will depend on your specific audience, but when you're testing paid traffic sources, here are the five you should consider first.

    1. Google Adwords
    2. Facebook Ads
    3. Outbrain Amplify For Advertisers
    4. LinkedIn Ads
    5. Twitter Ads
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    The best way to boost your sales is to find where Your Target Audience hangs out, both online and offline and explain how the product will help solve their burning pain.

    You can use Google Adwords to better target your target audience by placing ads on the particular keywords your prospects are searching online.

    You can also leverage the help of popular blogs in the same field. Write guest posts or ask them to promote your product through their blog for a commission.

    Since you are already making sales try to bring in affiliates who can promote your product all over the internet. Use Clickbank or JvZoo or any other marketing platform to find affiliates.

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    The ones that makes you sell, and you can't know which one will be until you test a few of them, good luck.
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    consider having an influencer help you out. Also try using other social media platforms too.

    Cearion Uy - Marketing Advisor

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    Article Marketing, Guest Posting & Press Release distribution are best off-page SEO methods to advertise your business products.
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    Hi godson,

    Really buddy, any online channel through which you share value your audience loves could be a solid traffic source.

    Not so much about the source of the traffic but your skills in sharing value through that channel; meaning the amount of attention and energy you put toward practicing your skills in any one area determines the effectiveness of the source, no matter what you are selling.

    Blogging will always be my best traffic source for anything I sell. Devoting most of my energy to learning, practicing and getting the skill of blogging down cold dictates this.

    I'd look at a few traffic sources and select a few that resonate with you. Practice driving traffic through these channels, learning the in's and out's. Over time, with patience, your info product sales will increase through your dedication to working these sources.

    Ryan Biddulph helps you to be a successful blogger with his courses, manuals and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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    If you're selling 50 copies a day using FB groups, the natural progression is obviously to run FB ads. Since you already know which groups (interests) work best this can take you from 50 copies a day to 200 or more a day, which is a huge leap - because paid traffic is scalable.
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    you can use sales funnels to get audience intersting on your product, facebook ads it's good for this kind of promotion use some free gifts to make audience more intersting after that, send them you product
    good luck
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    The best traffic source is where your customers are.

    It sounds like they're on Facebook, why not scale that with ads?

    If I was going use paid traffic and I had a decent amount of customers data (emails, names etc) already, I'd upload it to FB and create a lookalike audience. FB advertising is still pretty cheap.
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    Originally Posted by godsonechezona View Post

    I recently launched an info product. I sell over 50copies/day using FB group, Am kind of looking for other right traffic source to use to boost my sales.

    What do you have in mind?
    Forum marketing, blogging, SEO, Instagram, etc.

    There are several great choices. Where's your audience hang out, other than FB groups?

    Benjamin Ehinger
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  • What's the best traffic source to sell an info product?

    The answer is...

    Where the most targeted buyer traffic hangout to get their information. The Warrior Forum is a place where targeted buyer traffic hangout out to get their problems solved in the Internet Marketing niches.

    Advertise on forums relating to your niche, where your info product will solve the forum members' problems.

    You already know that your niche is willing to pay you to have their problems solved. Take the money of the 50 book sales per day that you are currently making, and reinvest it in paid advertising on Facebook and forums relating to your niche. You will extend your reach to more best targeted buyer traffic source that way.
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    For free traffic, you can create videos and post on youTube.
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