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Hi all,

First time posted (even though my account is super old).

I've started a new website for people to vent and write over the top/funny/angry responses to frustrating work/client situations. If the mods permit it, I will post the link, but I'll hold back for now so I don't come across as spammy.

The idea for the website came as a result of my own frustrations. I wanted a way to vent without burning any bridges with clients and bosses.

I'll give you the details first, and then I'll ask what I need to know:

1. Readers submit their messages through a special form on the site that collects their email address and asks permission to subscribe them to a mailing list.
2. The messages are then vetted and posted anonymously on the website in a special section so that others can read them.
3. When submitting a message, the form asks for the email address and requests (optional) permission to subscribe you to a mailing list. I intend to create a weekly newsletter with a curated list of best entries for email subscribers.

I've already created a number of initial posts, and intend to create more to give the site an initial content load.

That's the bare bones framework.

Obviously, I'd like to grow this and monetize it, which is what I'd like to hear your thoughts about. I'm also going to list a few ideas that I have, and I'd like to hear your feedback about those too please.
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    So how do you plan to make money by letting people "vent" on your public web site? How are you going to verify that those complaining are telling the truth? How are you doing to stop business people from complaining about their competitors to make them look bad?

    Have you done any research to verify that people online are looking for such a site and coming there with the intent to make a purchase?

    Said a different way ... how are you providing a solution to your prospect's problem and getting paid to do it?

    My experience over many years online is that humor sites, joke sites, freebie sites, funny personal story sites are very difficult to monetize unless you draw mega traffic to them and then sell advertising space (an extremely competitive marketplace).

    I'm not saying your idea can't work - I'm just suggesting you'd better have a very creative and verified (tested) plan on how you're going to make money with it from the outset.

    Good luck,


    Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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    I'll go one step further.

    I recommend that you strip out any references that identify specific people or companies. Let people vent, but don't open yourself up to trouble.

    Right now, the law protects publishers from liability stemming from what users post on a site. There are efforts afoot to limit or eliminate that protection.

    Other than the possible legal problems, I agree with Steve. Make sure you know how you'll make your money before you get too far into this project.
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    Isn't that what Reddit and Facebook statuses are for?

    Joking (kind of)

    The "easy ways' to monetize a website:

    - Selling information (emails, pixel data etc)

    What's harder is creating a community of people and figuring out what they'd buy.

    If I wanted to go the monetization route (not everything needs to be monetized) and I was in your position, I'd build the audience around a certain group of people, software engineers as an example, then aggregate the biggest couple of complaints they have and make a product around that.

    Take a look at your "competition" (like WF, Reddit, Facebook) and see what they're doing.
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    I dont know what your monetization strategies would be. There are alot of websites your's. They've all taken on the same approach:

    - CustomersSuck
    - PaypalSucks
    - AmazonSucks
    - etc

    Some people talk trash about WarriorForum but truthfully this is the most helpful online marketing community on the internet.

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