Any recommendation for Pay Per Click Dating/Adult Network ?

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hello warriors,

So, I got a site that got lately a lot visitors from U.S. interested in dating / adult traffic.

I am looking for a good pay per click or per impression network for this type of traffic.

I signed up for few, but not happy with the result. I tried myadcash, in like 14 hours , they received over 11 k impression 89 click, and when i checked the revenue i got like $1.87 yes that was less than $2 for that much traffic.

I tried few pay per sign up, but while they got a lot of clicks, i didn't get much sign up or any.

Any recommendation would be highly appreciate it.

Thank you
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    Does the site include chat? Perhaps in chat sale functionality might leave better results, e.g.: participant A wants to chat with participant B, the conversation goes well and participant A can get X, Y, Z from participant B.

    Paying within chat would probably help converting more leads.

    What do you think?
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    I considered adding it, but haven't got it there yet.

    Ken it seems that network is down

    OlesyaR i don't believe the offer is a CPM or PPC
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      Ok, I see.. Maybe I could help you to deal with your doubts.. So, have you registered an account there?
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      Originally Posted by Ali Ah Namar View Post

      Thanks Ali, it looks promising, i will contact them. I have been applying to various networks , and i am getting accepted on all of them that has this niche, but i wasn't happy with results, so far crakrevenue has had the best results ( but i am interested in seeing something more rewarding). I am sending as many as 300 click / day and getting less than $10 / day . Not so impressive to me still
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    Hi! I'm currently searching for CPA networks as well!

    Some I have applied to, like maxbounty, clickdealer,peerfly those need to review your application then they call you!
    other ones I got accepted without reviews called CPALeads and adworkmedia!
    Still learning how to use them, and planning to call the affiliate managers for the other one!
    Hope those work for you
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    do a search in the WSO section. A while back there were a couple that focused on Adult traffic.


    A bar of iron cost $5. Made into horseshoes, it's worth $12. Made into needles, it's worth $3500. Made into balance springs for watches, it's worth $300,000. Your value is determined by what you are able to make of yourself

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    crakrevenue it's good for dating offers
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    Why are you monetizing like this?
    It's a clochard-way of earning money!

    It's way better to build a list and then sell affiliate products to your prospects, eventually a high ticket coaching, etc.

    So you can better monetize instead of searching some clones of adsense!
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    Hey since PPC is not working out for you in the dating niche, why not try a revenue share payout? if you bring in quality users to a dating website that actually buy packages to chat then you can earn a commission on every single sale they make.
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    The PPC for dating is working just fine. I run several PPC (Google Ads) campaigns and have ok results. I prefer the NON English ones first
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    Popads and popcash.

    Just try it first
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