How to monetize poltical content?

by MrM101
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So I've calmed down ever since I wrote my last thread
*this one
and I've decided to look at my strengths and try to make the best of them and found out that I would be able to better off writing about political philosophy, after all that was the main theme of my YouTube channel and that got me more than 25000 subscribers there before they terminated it, I've also worked as a volunteer for a Facebook page that had over 400k followers and helped them by writing some articles and translating others and even translating videos and editing them.
Now how would I monetize something like that?
let's say I have a blog that gets maybe 1k~2k hits per day, do I sell books related to the topic?, or try to get them to subscribe for a monthly fee, or are there other ways that I could monetize this.
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    Books, political t-shirts, coffee mugs, bobblehead dolls, political Halloween masks, etc. are pretty natural fits. Better still, why don't you take a look at some of the powerhouse political websites and see how they are monetizing them. Chances are, the "big boys" have found out what works. Most of them seem to be running AdSense where re-marketing ads appear quite often.
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    Take the above posts and simply remove the word "or."

    For a site like that, create multiple streams.
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    Sell their personal data like Facebook and then tell the world it won't happen again while you keep the money.

    It worked for Mark.
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      Originally Posted by yukon View Post

      Sell their personal data like Facebook and then tell the world it won't happen again while you keep the money.

      It worked for Mark.
      You forgot to mention they should also add the caveat "We value and respect your privacy"


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    Political controversy rocks!

    Major political topics always have multiple angles along with their respective (and often lucrative) supporting products.

    Emotionally charged issues work especially well, and can easily be monetized in just two steps:

    Step 1). Pick a side (any side) and you will always piss off a whole bunch of people. But hit up those with viewpoints in alignment for your offers.

    Step 2). Expand your market by playing other side(s) in the same way, with strongly contrasting perspectives.

    Those who stop at step 1 are leaving a whole lot of money on the table.
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    Political campaign websites are good places to start. Visit those sites and see what kind of monetizing they use, at least they should know what works. Google Adsense can be a good option if you have a lot of content. Add an email subscription form to your site, get people to sign up and recommend "political" products to them.
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    Instagram is something worth looking into, but you will have to post interesting content and catchy texts/captions.

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      Originally Posted by cearionmarie View Post

      Instagram is something worth looking into, but you will have to post interesting content and catchy texts/captions.
      May I ask how do people make money from sites like Instagram?
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    Native ads or Adsense work great as they're dynamically generated according to each user, this way you maintain your brand as a neutral political news site.
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    I'll point out from my online newspaper experience that AdSense will normally spike right before an election and die off afterward.

    So it's a good idea to intensify your content efforts during campaigns and take it easy after they are done. Go with the ebb and flow.
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    For this, try to make money from POD products. (Print On Demand) like T-shirts, Sneakers,Mugs
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    Anything can be sold through favorable positioning in a political foray. People buy from those whom they "know", "like", and "trust". It's like taking candy from a baby when you align yourself strongly with those who kiss babies.

    Fortunes were made in the recent Presidential election, especially in the year preceding when hotly divisive issues were widely debated. The drumbeat of patriotism draws customers like bees to honey. And the beat goes on...
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    Books (you could probably crowdfund something interesting)


    Physical goods.


    Anything is fair game man. Send out surveys and ask the people what they're interested in.
    Once you build up the website, figure out what your most popular content is and build something relevant to that.

    What happens after you drive traffic to a page? How do you convert them to customers? Take our free email course to find out how to attract and convert more customers.

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    Political content can be monetized by three strategies voluntary support, metered paywall and hard paywall. Allowing visitors on average 10-20 free page views per month, then restricting access afterward.
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    The benefit with political content is that it can really go viral if you are posting relevant news and presenting it nicely. All advertising networks allow such content.
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    I actually have experience in monetising political content, I found that relevant merchandise works best. Also, you'd be surprised at how many people would be willing to donate. A good strategy is to combine the two together; donate $XX and get a t-shirt or similar.
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