How do people actually get leads under $4 ?

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Hey world...

I have something in mind, but I don't have experience at all, so I wonder if someone could give me feedback on something I want to try

I was browsing around and I found a site called , where the buyers claim that they would pay $4 to get a lead.

I was thinking about creating a nice memberhip area with some common creative licence youtube videos embed there and saying in the copy something fancy like:

" !! #CRAZY GIFT# , the first 50 people who subscribe to this website (link) will receive access to the course (fancy name), worth $297, for FREE, just today. Subscribe to the website (link) and sent me an email at (email) to claim your membership ! If you see this message, spots are still available so don't miss this opportunity !! Subscribe to (link) and sent me an email at (email adress) and please hurry because spots are limited! "

Are there people doing this or they do something else to collect leads?

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    Originally Posted by MikeyBee View Post

    Are there people doing this or they do something else to collect leads?
    This is nothing more than a variation of a theme which is being used by umpteen thousands of Internet marketers, as are a vast array of any "something else' you could mention.

    The only way to see if any method is viable is to try it, evaluate it, fine-tune it, see if your results improve and then decide if it is worth investing time and money into proceeding with it.

    People can give you their opinion on what you propose, but no one can guarantee that it will fail or succeed, regardless of how strongly they present their 'opinion.'

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    It really depends by what you mean by a lead. If it's a simple email submit then $1 or under is very common. If it's a full page submit then it's still doable under $4 but you've got to really nail your targeting.

    What you're describing, however - is incentivized marketing and I'd advice you to check with your CPA network to see whether it's allowed.
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    What was the lead for at $4?

    I've been promoting PPL (pay per lead) offers for over 17 years.

    I favor offers that pay $15 or more per lead. The majority of the offer I promote pay $20-$40.

    However, much comes down to how well an offer converts. If an offer paying $9 converts at 2X or better of a $20 offer, then I'll have no problem running it. So there are exceptions to the rule.
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  • Also be sure to determine if the affiliate is paying out for "leads" or "qualified leads". Some affiliates may pay out one or the other or even both and determinants may be in place differentiating a lead from a qualified lead.

    For instance, some determinants of some PPL programs may be age, geography, interests, etc...

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