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I want to start generating leads by posting ads on Craigslist. I have done this before, but have only posted maybe 1 - 2 ads per day for a few days. How many can you post before they get mad at you?
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    As I understand it, any time you get caught posting a duplicate ad it can be deleted. And it is moderated by a machine, and the readers. Believe me, the readers are pretty wacky about flagging at times. There are ways around it though.

    I just bought a product and the rights to it that shows you how to post dozens of ads daily to I have not got a web site up yet but will be doing that in the very near future. If you want to write me directly I can give you more information on it. The information is priced at $47, and unfortunately I had to agree not to discount it so I don't know how I can get around that issue. I personally believe it is well worth it, and a lot of my marketing activities will be directed that way becaue of how much I believe in what this fellow has to say who sold me the information.

    So, not trying to make this a commercial, but I hope that answered your question. There are some tools available out on the web that say they can post multiple ads, but not sure how efective they are. This information goes over a couple of them and gives advice but it also shows you a method to post multiple times 100% efective, using against themselves. Very interesting idea and evidently 100% efective at posting as many ads as you want. He tells me he is making around $15K per month just off by doing what he suggest in the information.

    Let me know if you want more information via email rather than PM if you can.

    Tim Pears

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