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Seeking your assistance on video platforms that make it difficult for videos to be downloaded.

I'm creating course. So far I've looked at Vimeo. Wondering what the Warriors are using and why.

Thanks in avance.
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    The most popular (anecdotally speaking of course) for courses is Wistia. Videos on Wistia are a lot harder to grab than YouTube.

    If someone wants your video, they're going to get it. They'd just record their screen...
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    • Thanks. Yes, I would prefer making it more difficult for someone not to steal, but understand it's the way of the land for some people who don't agree, know or care about copyright laws.

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    I don't think there is a platform that can completely prevent it. Just make it harder for those that don't know how to do it. If I am wrong please advise.

    If someone wanted it bad enough, they could just record it.

    If I recall correctly, I think I saw software that you could just enter the source URL and it will make it downloadable or made a copy of it.
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    Yeah people can easily download a program called "SUPER" and download the video no matter where you upload it online. This same program can download a DVD in TOP quality if you wanted it to.

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    Good luck on you course.
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  • So, now that there isn't a platform that would protect our work 100%, what platforms or plugins are you using for your videos?

    I'm trying to get Amazon S3 going, so I have a good place to store my videos.
    Trying out a plugin that I can use with Optimize Press, since OP doesn't seem to be able to take Amazon S3 URL and turn on the video area.

    Other thoughts?

    I did review Vimeo and Wistra

    Maria Marsala,
    Financial Advisors Coach, Author, Speaker at

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    Unreel is a free service. gumroad and other marketplaces work for files per download etc if you want to make sure people are solely downloading your videos. So you would rent or sell videos on say gumroad and feature a few 1st free videos to get them hooked then have them sent to the marketplace.
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