Should I Start a New Website??

by iceintentions 13 replies
Right now I have a site that reviews car auction lists. The sales are pretty decent considering I just started IM 3 months ago. But I'm thinking that I could make way more money if I entered into a new niche like health & fitness or relationships.
Should I just juice the crap out of my current site and then move on or start another site on the side right now? What would you do?
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    Stay with your current site if it works

    Do noy even consider anything else at present

    do not vary from your current path!

    stay with it!!!!

    Do not start another website!!!!

    Wait for a month and focus on your currently succesful website

    Do not get distractted
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      Originally Posted by kenj View Post

      Stay with your current site if it works

      Do noy even consider anything else at present

      do not vary from your current path!

      stay with it!!!!

      Do not start another website!!!!

      Wait for a month and focus on your currently succesful website

      Do not get distractted
      I agree with Kenj, you should definitely start a new site

      It's pretty much an impossible question for us to answer without knowing more about your site. Have you explored a backend at all? Perhaps you can offer priority listing to auctions for a small fee - or even a commission on referrals? Are there other complimentary lists you can sell to the same customers?

      If you can maintain the site you have with minimal effort then starting another site is probably going to be a good educational experience but in general - if you have a site making you money cling to it. 90% of websites don't, and 99% of new websites don't.

      I'm just a magpie in a world full of shiny things....

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    If your first site is at the stage where it ticks over automatically then I say - go for it now, you may lose interest and not bother later. However be careful and watch out for over stretching.

    You will always have your first site to fall back on if it doesn't work out.
    Good luck.
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      I would say that the answer depends on whether you feel you have squeezed all you can out of it, and also whether it will continue to earn while you focus on something new.

      Is it easier to create one site that makes $5,000 per month, or ten that make $500 each?

      It depends on your niche, but is a point worth considering.



      Easy email marketing automation without moving your lists.

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    You should definitely explore other areas. Once you get a site up and running AND profitable move on and build the next one.

    I'm NOT saying ignore the other site(s) but you need to keep going. But make sure that each site is setup and profitable before moving on (that's important).

    No sense watching ONE site for a month. What are you going to do in the mean time? Watch the pixels pixelate?

    Keep up the momentum and if you get to the point were it's becoming too much then you will have to consider outsourcing or hiring someone to build your sites for you while you manage them.

    It's a lot more profitable when you become the manager of several sites instead of always being the builder. You could actually manage several projects (sites) at one time and do far less work too, not to mention make even more cash!!!

    Mike Hill
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    any tips on how you got started iceintentions??
    Online marketing, offline marketing and various other things.
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      I would suggest that if you're making money from one site then you should maximize the potential of that site first.

      Think of multiplying by 10 and multiplying by 100.

      So ask how are you making money now from your site?

      What specific effort has brought you results?

      Can you mutliply that effort by 10?

      can you multiply that effort by 100?

      Also what other ways are there that you can improve on your site?

      Are you capturing contact details?

      Are you following up by email, snail mail and telephone?

      Are you really getting full value out of the leads you're generating?

      Are you giving full value to the people who give you their contact details?

      Are there other ways you can help them?

      Is there information they desperately need that you can supply?

      Are there other related products or services that would be of tremendous benefit to them?

      Going through this process may help you identify sub-niches you can create sites for to service the leads you're already bringing in to your site.

      And it will help you think of your business as a service to real people instead of just a money making website.

      Kindest regards,
      Andrew Cavanagh
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    That would probably depend on how serious you are about your current niche. I am one that moves around a lot!

    Mommy Enterprises
    Helping Moms Make Money At Home $$

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    Originally Posted by iceintentions View Post

    But I'm thinking that I could make way more money if I entered into a new niche like health & fitness or relationships.
    Please explain ...

    What is your reasoning behind this statement?

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    It's never good to put all your eggs in one basket. And in IM the bottom can drop out suddenly and without warning. Since you know how to make money in one niche, you can probably do so in another.
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    What means are you using to get web site visitors?
    Do you track the number of visitors hitting your web site?
    Have you optimized your keywords?
    Are your keywords showing up on the first page of Google,
    Yahoo, and MSN?
    What is your conversion rate?
    How many companies are advertising on Google? i.e. PPC
    Have you optimized your web site?
    Do you think you could double, triple, quadruple your revenue?

    If you think you can make incrementally more each month then
    work on that for awhile. If you think you can't then go into
    another niche.

    It is possible to work on your car auction lists web site and
    start a health and fitness web site at the same time, depending
    on how much time you have and how much time you want to spend
    doing it.
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    Wow great answers to this post.

    Clearly, you should decide based on what you feel is right with the present situation.

    If you feel like doing it. A technique was laid out by Andrew. If you feel a bit unprepared the first post seems logical.

    As for my two cents, those who won already can usually repeat the same pattern of action. We are a creature of habit you know...
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    Thanks for all the good advice, I got some good ideas from it! I know I can get more profits out of my current site. But on the other hand I know a lot of people don't want to pay for car auction listings they feel like they can get for free. That's why I was thinking about starting another site sooner than I planned while still working on my current site.
    Being bored with a lot of extra time on my hands lately doesn't help either. lol

    I got started by buying the rich jerk, then eventually wandering over here and reading just about everything on the old forum. After that I just used whatever worked for me.
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