STRUGGLING? Here's A Great Way To Make Some FAST Cash!

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I see threads on here about how people have lost their jobs, or who are finding it hard to make some extra cash to pay the bills...

Times Are Hard, Money is Tight...

Here's an easy way to make some INSTANT cash within the day

Have you heard of a program called Artisteer?

This software can churn out wordpress themes and hmtl templates all day long. The software costs about $49 to buy, which gives you the standard version (plenty...that's all you need)

Grab this software (i'm not an affiliate)

Get it up and running and let your creative juices start flowing...

Create a design you think looks good, look at some other blog themes for idea's and come up with a generic theme you like.

Now, simply play around with the colors, and layouts, each time doing so, exporting the theme as a wordpress theme to a folder on your desktop.

Make about 20-30 designs...and create a package, membership site, offer them for free if you want!

You should be able to create enough themes to have a HUGE COLLECTION of wordpress templates...

Here's some i created within an hour (use these as you wish)

Now, all you would need to do is write a salespage and offer PLR or user rights to people, you can charge anything from $10 upwards!

Done right, you could have a product up and running within 24hrs, if not less...people are crying out for PLR (private label rights) and wordpress themes are IN DEMAND...

(Just make sure you don't use the images that artisteer comes with)

My advice is to grab all those PLR graphics/headers gathering dust on your hard drive and use them as a basis, if you insert a header, you can work on that to get your colours for the theme (like background, font color etc)

If you follow what i outlined above, there is no reason at all that you can't make money by doing this tomorrow...

Here's to your success!
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